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What is the recent popular [Sugaring]?

Sugaring hair removal has become very popular in the last couple of years.

But still, still,
What is sugaring? What's good, you've heard the words, but what?

So we will explain once again!

Sugaring, a natural material that is gentle on the skin, has a very low burden on the skin and can remove hair from the hair roots, so there is little risk of hair breaking off and becoming buried in the middle.

When we say ""hair removal"", we tend to focus on removing unwanted hair and thinning hair,

It is important to maximize their effects without straining the skin!

Even if unwanted hair was removed, it is not safe and beautiful hair loss if the skin irritates, becomes red, or becomes rough.

Maris Gina Sugaring is not only for hair removal, but also for hair treatment while reducing hair loss.

We look forward to your visit ^ ^