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TEL:Maris Gina WhatsApp / LINE (English) : 070-4037-7838 TEL: 03-5823-4022 (English/Japanese)

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You may also reach us via WhatsApp and LINE (English). Or call us at 03-5823-4022 (English/Japanese).

A fee of 1,080yen will be automatically added to your total service amount, when you cancel and change time of your appointment on the day. Cancellation on the day, please understand that change will be required 1080 yen for cancellation fee separately. If you are late for more than 5 minutes please be sure to leave the incoming call. Other treatments may be entered. Also, if you can not confirm your visit for more than 15 minutes without contact, we will automatically cancel, so please be careful. If the total time required exceeds 120 minutes, you need to make a payment by credit card beforehand with this booking system.



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Ladies & Mens Body Sugaring Salon

At Maris Gina hair removal salon, we offer professional body sugaring and skin conditioning care. We use the globally recognized Alexandria Professional Sugaring technique and products. Sugaring pasts consists of sugar, lemon  and water. The body sugaring we provide is all natural, safe, gentle to the skin, and very effective. We recommend sugaring over any other form of hair removal. We have salons in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, an Utsunomiya and Osaka(Coming Soon).  Maris Gina Roppongi Salon services includes waxing treatment and the latest technique of SHR laser hair removal. The SHR laser hair removal technique is very gentle to the skin. The laser does not damage the pores like many other techniques, but rather covers the hair follicle with heat, leaving a painless result. Additionally, the SHR laser treatment does not depend on the hair cycle, allowing treatment to be done every 3 weeks. A complete hair removal can be achieved in 6 months earliest. 5 beams of laser light hits the skin per second, and Maris Gina is committed to serve our customers gently and carefully. We always keep in mind the reason why our customers chose us. Maris Gina will keep serving our customers with precise, reasonable, and caring manner that is guaranteed to satisfy you. There is a brand new clinically approved treatment for hair removal called SHR. Previously, laser hair removal treatments beamed laser light to the melanin to put a stop to hair growth. The new SHR treatment on the other hand, targets the structure of the hair, and this is is a innovated theory for hair removal. With this innovation, laser hair removal has become a painless treatment. Some may assume that there is still some pain, but no, the pain is close to none. Those that used to need anesthesia during laser hair removal treatments will most likely not be needing it anymore. The laser hair removal treatments up until now may have been effective but painful and caused many to feel uneasy about it. By the SHR hair removal treatment only focusing on the hair follicle, you will not have to feel hesitant toward the treatment anymore. Depending on the areas of treatment, you may feel more friction, however, we can still say that the treatment is pain-free. To describe the feeling of the SHR treatment, it is as if you a placing a warm stone on your skin. Rather than pain, you will be feeling warmth. The SHR hair removal treatment has won the gold medal award for the British Best Esthetic Treatment. The hair removal treatment has improved greatly, and of course the treatment is speedy. The SHR is used for all skin types and skin colors, allowing us to achieve smooth skin without damage. Please also remember that the SHR is clinically approved, so if ever there is a problem, it will be properly treatable. Walk ins are possible, but we will have to prioritize customers that have made an appointment. There is also a possibility that our staff will out on break or moving locations, when there are no reservations.
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Shop images Sugaring Maris Gina and LaMina hair removal
Sugaring Maris Gina and LaMina hair removal
Shop images Short hair removal Sugaring Japan
Short hair removal Sugaring Japan
Shop images Mens Body Sugaring Hair Removal
Mens Body Sugaring Hair Removal
Shop images Face sugaring hair removal
Face sugaring hair removal
Shop images Leg sugaring hair removal waxing
Leg sugaring hair removal waxing
Shop images Back hair removal professional sugaring
Back hair removal professional sugaring
Shop images Sugaring and after care
Sugaring and after care
Shop images Male sugaring and waxing in Japan
Male sugaring and waxing in Japan