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About pain during hair removal [Sugaring]

For customers who have tried Bikini for the first time, there may be some people who can't make a reservation because they think ""It was painful"", ""Everyone can put up with it well"", ""I want to be refreshed, but can I put up with the pain?""

This time, I would like to introduce the voices of repeat customers, hoping that it will be helpful for such customers.

○ It was the second time, but it didn't hurt at all compared to the first time. Thank you for cleaning it.

○ This was the second treatment, but it was still a reassuring response. I will come again.

○ This is the third time, but the hair that grows is quite thin and there is almost no pain. Smooth and comfortable! See you next time!

○ After going through several times, the pain disappeared so much.

○ It was the third time, but it ended in a blink of an eye with almost no pain. The hair quality has changed little by little and I'm looking forward to the future.

○ It was the second time. Compared to the last time, there was almost no pain and it became smooth. I would like to continue.

How it happened?
The second time should be less painful than the first time ♪

And the important points are visiting the store in 3 to 4 weeks and home care by scrubbing!

If the sugaring has long hair, it will be pulled and you will feel pain easily.

Also, without scrub care, your skin will become stiff and your pores will become clogged, making it difficult for your hair to come off, which will significantly change your sense of pain.

If you are worried about pain, please make an early reservation and scrub and do home care ☆

Importance of Moisturizing the Delicate Zone [Sugaring]

In sugaring hair removal, we convey the importance of moisturizing care to prevent the skin in the delicate zone from drying out!

↓ Why is it not good when delicate zone is dry?
○ It becomes easier to feel pain
○ Friction of clothing and underwear can cause darkening and pigmentation
○ Itching at the beginning of hair growth
○ Hindering hair loss
○ It will caused ingrown hair

Moisturizing care in the delicate zone is very important for sugaring hair removal.

Especially during this winter, if moisturizing care is neglected, the pigmentation, which is the number one problem in the delicate zone, becomes thicker due to daily accumulation, drying and rubbing.

Even if you can reduce hair beautifully by sugaring hair removal, it will be ruined if there are ingrown hair or darkening

Let's create smooth skin without dryness with the oil-free AP care products offered by Maris Gina!

Aftercare after treatment ☆ [Sugaring]

We will explain aftercare once again.

Please do not take a bath on the day after the treatment, just shower.

And basically, please moisturize every day.

Please scrub 4 days after the procedure. Please be sure to moisturize when scrubbing.

Please do not scrub and moisturize 3 days before the day when the next treatment is decided.

By moisturizing and scrubbing from the day of treatment to before the next treatment, pain will be reduced and short hair will be easier to come off ♪

Let's aim for smooth skin without ingrown hair.

Don't know what to use for care products?
Please feel free to contact the staff ☆

Recommended for men who are suffering from having dark spots in beard area [Sugaring]

How do you care for your beard?

Worried about darkening of beard are, shaving causes roughness and can't handle it often, each has its own problems.

Also, if you don't want to lose beard completely! It is also a must-try for those who feels the same. If you continue sugaring, you can make the hair thinner and softer (^^)

It is also recommended for those who are worried about hair quality and amount!

The frequency of self-processing will be significantly reduced ♪

[Introduction of Maris Gina Men's Beard Menu]
● Sugaring beard hair removal 8800 yen
☆ Now, with machine hair removal, real machine hair removal is 0 yen
☆ No prior shaving required
☆ 10% discount for those who are OK with photos for SNS

Please try once!
There is no doubt that you will be amazed at the enormous effect!

Say goodbye to worries such as dark spots, razor cuts, and a lot of hair!

Men's salon!
Click here for Men's Maris Gina Shibuya store ↓ ↓

☆ Men's Maris Gina Shibuya store ☆

16-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Center Building 5F
Brazilian wax hair removal Maris Gina Wax Shibuya

What to do with the hair around the eyebrows? [Sugaring]

How do you treat the hair growth around the eyebrows and the hair growth around the eyelids?

Now that half of the face is hidden by the mask, the eyebrows are the point where you have to clean around the eyes.

I think there are many people who shave when they do make up and pull it out when they notice it!

When it has been noticed, you tend to pull out more and more!
When shaved too much, eyebrows may became too thin!
What to do?

Maris Gina [Eyebrow Sugaring] is recommended for such people!

The sugaring will adjust the shape of the eyebrows according to your favorite design!

Eyebrows are an important part in the face,
Since the area around the face is sensitive, it is a very noticeable place such as buried hair due to self-treatment and scratches on the razor.

Around such eyebrows
Let's leave it to a professional and get a beautiful eyebrow!

There is a [sugaring] menu for eyebrows, so please select that and make a reservation ♪

Please note that the facial menu does not include the area around the eyebrows!

Maris Gina infection prevention measures

It will be cold in earnest from now on.
It's the season when you start to get busy, and the season when you feel sick easily.

Influenza and coronavirus cannot be overlooked.

Maris Gina will continue to take preventive measures against infection.

Since the treatment is performed while ventilating during the treatment, the effectiveness of the air conditioning may deteriorate.

It's been a chilly season, so we would appreciate it if you could come to the store with clothes that are as easy to control as possible.

We also have blankets available, so please feel free to ask the staff if you have any questions.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Places you cannot see [Sugaring]

It's getting cold, so everyone is hiding
How are you doing with hair loss?

You may be able to improve the areas that you do not show by removing hair according to your concerns. Make a reservation first!
Let's solve your problems together with the care that suits you!

● Nape ●

○ By treating the hair, you can produce a thin and supple woman's collar.
○ In Western clothing, you can give a feminine impression by shaving with the back hair left behind.
○ In kimono, the collar that can be seen from the kimono is stylish by forming the three collars properly.

● Back ●

○ Actually, sugaring and hair removal are very good for acne care. Since sebum lines are dense on the back, oil clogging easily occurs when keratin accumulates. Therefore, if you take care of dead skin cells with sugaring, it will not cause clogging and you can keep your skin color beautiful.
(When the bronchial tubes are weak, the hair around the shoulder blades may thicken.)

● Bikini ●

○ It exists so that transient bacteria do not invade in the defense reaction, but if it is not treated to some extent, the bacteria will propagate and cause ""odor"".
Hair removal or sugaring is recommended over shaving.
However, Brazilian WAX is prone to ingrown hair, so aftercare is essential.

Is there anything you care about?
Sugaring can be performed on the whole body, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to your visit.

Two types of Maris Gina scrubs [Sugaring]

Salt smoothie (Salt Scrub)

It is effective for keratin care and prevention of buried hair.
It also has a bactericidal effect, so we recommend it to Bikini
In addition, it can be used on the whole body except for the face, such as elbows, knees, and heels where keratin is a concern. After wiping off the water after taking a bath, let it blend in by hand, wrap it and leave it for about 5 minutes to improve the effect ☆

Sweet Cheeks (Sugar Scrub)

It has a high moisturizing effect, so it is recommended for people with dry skin and in winter ♪
Some people will sting with salt scrubs, so if you have sensitive skin, it's a good idea to start with sugar scrubs!
When you put it on your skin, it feels rough at first, but if you gently apply it by hand, it will be very smooth after washing, so please use it on your face ☆ It can be used on the whole body including Bikini.

Scrub care removes dead skin cells. It makes your skin clear by eliminating the roughness and dullness. By removing the accumulated keratin, the sugar paste will easily penetrate into the pores and the hair will come off easily ♪

For those who don't know which one suits their skin best and want to try both
There is also a mini size so please contact the staff (^ ^) ♪

Sugaring] for your worries during your period

Do you feel stuffy and smelly during your period?
Menstrual blood on the hair causes a unique scent for menstruation.

Hair is easier to smell than you think.
Hair and the like also smell quite a bit after you leave the restaurant.

Because menstruation comes every month,
would you like to solve such discomfort during menstruation with sugaring hair removal?
Menstrual blood does not stick to hair just because there is no waste hair on the I line
It also improves the odor that comes from stuffiness.
However, we recommend that you do everything off and have no unwanted hair for a comfortable feeling.

Sugaring hair removal is highly recommended as it is smooth and has immediate effect.

If you are worried, please try it once

Phenomen-all cream [Sugaring]

Let's talk this time about one of the circle care series, an ally of anti-aging care, we would like to introduce ""Phenomen-all Cream""!

A care item for repairing, refreshing and rejuvenating the skin!
Solves ingrown hair and skin problems ♪

A non-irritating and gentle cream that can be used on various skin types such as for men, women, children and those with sensitive skin.

It hydrates, softens the skin and cares for ingrown hair.
It is also useful for darkening care, smoothing stretch marks and scars ♪

It's very easy to use!
Warm an appropriate amount on the back of your hand, and when the oil has melted, apply it to the affected area.
It is recommended to use twice a day ♪
A very nice scent that fits well on the skin ♪

If you are interested, please feel free to ask the staffs