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Short hair removal with Sugaring not waxing

Hello everyone (^ ^) / Osaka Shinsaibashi
It is in ''Yotsubashi Station'' Sugaring | Brazilian Wax | IPL Hair Removal Salon
Maris☆Gina -Shinsaibashi branch- (^ o ^) 丿

Why does the sugar ring fall below 1 cm? ?
It's really strange!

I think that everyone who has not yet tried Sugaring is suspicious.
The reason for the short hair to break off
The first is that if wax is applied along the hair flow, it peels in the opposite direction to the hair flow.
The sugaring is painted while setting up reverse hair and pulled out along the hair flow.
By doing this, the hair is vertical and hard to cut.

The second is a soft paste.
With wax, you only get wet on your skin, right?
However, if it is a sugaring paste, it penetrates into the pores and wraps the hair root firmly.
So you can get out of the hole without breaking or breaking the hair (^ ^)

Although the condition of the skin and the hair is different depending on the customer, 
almost all of you are able to depilate well with 1 cm or less hair. As we also offer advantageous coupons Everyone please try Sugaring!

What is the difference between sugaring hair loss and wax hair loss?

What is the difference between sugaring hair loss and wax hair loss?

Most frequently asked questions by customers We will answer the question
"What is Sugaring Hair Loss? Why is it recommended?"

1. How about waxing hair loss in the first place?

"Wax hair removal is a process of removing the hair from the roots by treating them by bringing them into contact with waste hair and wax.

It can process from downy hair to thick hair.
Because it is pulled out from the root of the hair, wax hair removal can keep slick skin longer when compared to hair removal such as razors.
Because there is no hair section, it looks beautiful. "

In this way, wax hair removal is different from light hair removal and laser hair removal,
and it is characterized by its ability to become skin on the day you visit us ♪

2. What is sugaring hair loss?
Sugaring hair removal is different from regular Brazilian wax in terms of "material" and "hair removal method".

For sugaring depilation, sugar paste containing sugar, lemon and water as the main ingredients is used.

In addition, because it is treated using the sugar paste, I need some tips for the procedure with ordinary Brazilian wax!

In Maris Gina, which has been introduced sugaring hair loss in Japan immediately after coming in, all staff wears its tips so customers are welcome to visit us with peace of mind ♪

3. What is Sugaring Hair Loss? ?
Sugaring hair loss is different from wax hair loss
■ Not hot!
■ There is little burden on the skin!
■ We can remove hair with short hair!

There are many attractions such as ♪
In particular, those who want to clean their hair while protecting their skin and Very recommended for those who want to do hair loss of VIO · face

☆ If you are concerned, please try Maris Gina's sugaring hair removal once by all means ♪


清潔感の為: 1,229

What is your reason to thave brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is common place in the United States!

The average women aged 18 to 45 say that all professionals leave hair removal treatment.
The reason is···

For a sense of cleanliness: 1,229
Appearance: 687
To fit the clothes you wear: 458
For lover: 435
Make the skin not irritating or irritating: 295

What is your reason? ?