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G What makes MarisGina standout?

Why should I choose MarisGina but not any other salons? The answers are below. 

1. We offer both sugaring and waxing

But we highly recommend the customers to choose sugaring over waxing due to its incredible merits: Sugaring, which is made from natural ingredients, can remove the hair from the root without burning or harming the skin. However, if customes feel more comfortable to use wax, we still can offer waxing with our best services. If you still hestitate to choose between the two techniques, feel free to ask us for the further advice. 

2. We use products that have worldwide regconition

We use the products from Alexandria Professional (AP), which is a famous brand of sugaring in the world. Also, since the brand offers three types of sugar, the customers can choose which one is suitable for their skin. By using the AP products, we can deliver the best treatment to you, our lovely customers who wish to remove hair with sugaring. 

3. Our staffs are well tranied

Our staffs receive the trainings from Alexandria Professional, so they understand the concept correctly. Moreover, since they have a lot of chances to practices, they master their skills for a short amount of time. 

4. We have several salons in Tokyo and even in Tochigi

So that we can provide more choices for you! We have three salons in Tokyo, which are Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi; also, we have one in Tochigi, so remember to visit our website for the details. All of the salons are super nice looking and easy to access, so do not hestitate to visit one of our salons really soon!

5. We make the schedule for each customer

Since we make the schedule for each customer, you do not have to wait for the treatment. Just come to one of the salons at your own time, and you will be sugared or waxed immediately. 

6. We have aftercare instructions for customers and our own app

If you receive hair removal from MarisGina, we will give you the clear instructions for the treatment by both Japanese and English. Besides, we have our own app which can help you recieve he A to Z information about our place. Sound great, right? 

After reading these 6 special things about MarisGina, have you decided if you want to come to MarisGina or not? We wish the answer is yes and we wish to see you soon!