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What effect does sugar have? [Sugaring]

Introducing the charm of sugar contained in sugaring paste and sugar scrub!

Part 1
The appeal of sugar is that it is safe enough to eat.
It has exfoliating effect! The particles are rounder than salt.
As it melts at body temperature, it can gently exfoliate the skin.

Part 2
Excellent moisturizing effect!
It is said that sugar has a strong ability to bind water and has a high moisturizing power.
As a result, it is easy to penetrate the skin and has lasting power.

Part 3
Effect of promoting collagen production
Sugar stimulates fibroblasts to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.
You can feel the elasticity and firmness of skin!

Sugar has so many nice effects on your skin!
If you have never experienced sugaring hair removal, please try it!
You can get beautiful skin☆