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What is Bikini Design [Sugaring]

What type of design is popular with customers who want to design Bikini? It is often asked.

There is no shape sample in Maris Gina

Everyone can do the shape they like ♪
There are many inverted triangle shapes usually

Also, if you want to leave it in a natural look, it will be more natural to leave the crack between the V and I lines ☆

But the best recommendation is all-off!
Of course it is also hygienic, the fashion in wearing swimsuits is also fun and the feeling wearing it is definitely different

There is a feeling unfamiliar on the day of all-off, but there is no rubbing or discomfort such as underwear ☆

There's no stuffiness during menstruation or on hot days so it will be really refreshing ♪
Some customers have said that their menstrual napkin rash has disappeared!

If you want to try all-offs but still have resistance, the inverted triangle shape is popular and recommended first!

Still, if you are wondering whether to remove everything or to shape into an inverted triangle, please do not hesitate to consult with the staff!

We will operate according to your wishes ♪