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From what age can you start [Sugaring]?

Questions from customers
We will introduce the answer this time ♪

""How old can you start removing hair with Sugaring?""

→You can do it from teens

There are individual differences in hair thickness and quantity.
Some children are originally thin regardless of gender.
Some children grow darker as they grow up.

It depends on the surroundings.
The hair gets thicker when you stop shaving, it damages the skin.

For example, temporary treatment with a razor may worsen your worries.

Please leave it to Maris Gina who is troubled by such children ♪

Maris Gina Sugaring Hair Removal is recommended for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women, and teens!

This is because all the products we use are organic products that met strict standards.

The sugar paste used is made of sugar, water, and lemon, so you can remove hair without damaging your skin.

In addition, a professional Sugarist that has passed the certification test of the world's sugaring brand with a 27-year track record called Alexandria Professional will be operating, so please do not worry about the technical side ♪

Recommended for those who are worried about their beard and children of their friends.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the staff.