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Protecting your waxed skin from tanning

Sun rays are incredibly strong during the summer.
Whenever you leave the house, it is important to protect your skin properly.
Revealing your skin to sun rays leads to pigmentation, and even blemishes especially to areas where you have just waxed.
First of all, apply sun block to your skin!
You can even apply sun block a few times as layers, especially to areas where you have waxed.
If possible, it's even recommended to apply sun block from on top of your swimwear.
The most reliable ones are ones with UV, such as rush guards.
But we understand you want to show off your cute bikinis.
We even probably got a wax just to wear a bikini.
You can try looking for cute woven fabric instead. We recommend you keep that on especially when not in water.
If you are not swimming, stay in the shade!
Try under the parasol, or at a beach house.
If you just want to be care free and soak the sun, we suggest you put your waxing appointments on hold.
Wait one or two weeks after your wax, to enjoy the outdoors.
Plan your schedule, for the benefits of your skin.
We don't want you to have any trouble, and have a summer full of great memories☆