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Treat yourself in 2019!

You may not have to buy gifts for this holiday season, but its always nice to treat yourself!! Give your skin the gift of smooth with Body Sugaring. Take time once a month and do something for yourself. Starting now is the perfect time, Sugaring has so many benefits aside from removing the hair. Combining services with our high-end skin care line will help you have glowing, even toned, and healthy skin by summer.
By Sugaring once a month, we are removing the hair but also the dead skin or exfoliated layer of skin. By not removing this, the skin can look dull and chalky. Also, your skin will not be able to absorb moisture as easily, so it is more challenging to get vibrant skin. Using the Phenomen-all skin repair oil between Sugaring appointments will give you the desired look of bright, youthful skin!
Phenomen-all is rich with Shea Butter, Jojoba, Clery Sage, and so many other amazing ingredients that are designed to help your skin glow!
Start 2019 off right and get your skin in shape for the summer with Body Sugaring!!