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We recommend sugaring to hair removal beginners!

If you are going to be depilated for the first time,
Sugaring or wax
There are many ways you can not decide

I do not know what sugarings are.

Waxing is cheap, so if you can remove hair for the time being!
There are many people who choose wax.

but, Most people switch to sugaring if you explain properly about two hair loss methods. Many times on the blog we have introduced the difference between the two methods of hair loss,
but for those who are new to it, we especially recommend sugarings! Because,

The wax is hot when it is applied.

There is a possibility that hair may be cut in the middle.

Removing the hair with tweezers is also painful and leads to dryness.

And above all, the condition of the hair when you come next time is very different from the sugaring.

Hair of the person who comes to the store for the second time waxing
A lot of long, thick hair

In contrast, the second person who removes sugarings is
Thin and few, I think that there are individual differences, but most people have significantly reduced hair!

Why is sugaring so much
Does the hair loss decrease? And you think in question!

The sugar paste used in the sugaring can be in close contact with the skin while being at the body temperature, 
and can be penetrated into the back of the pore and wrapped up to the hair root and the hair papilla (place to grow the hair)

Because you can!