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Maris Gina is now recruiting practice models for sugaring

We are looking for Sugaring Monitor/Model for trainee technology improvement at Maris Gina During September in Shibuya.


★2000 yen each

Half Arm | Half leg | Armpits | Butt Cheek | Full Bikini or VIO | Belly | Back|
(Men's brazilian - 5000 yen)
Time: 12: 00 - 19: 00PM

10th today only  -All Free (except mens brazilian) in Shinjuku 
12th Thursday

14th Saturday

15th Sunday

16th Monday

18th Wednesday

19th Thursday

20th Friday

22nd Sunday

23rd Monday

24th Tuesday

26th Thursday

27th Friday

28th Saturday

30th Monday


Inquiries are accepted by e-mail or telephone.


Please make sure to read the following conditions before making a reservation.

※ We are looking for a model for training purposes, so please acknowledge that the treatment will be handled by several staff. 

※ Use of bad words and profanity words are not accepted. 
※ Treatment time is only estimated time, it might be less or more than that so we appreciate those who have plenty of time.
※ Men should bring an identification card.
※ Late and same day cancellation are not allowed.
※ Please come without cutting the hair.
※ We will decline those who did shaving and any kinds of hair depilation within 2 weeks.

We are looking forward to your application.