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Many people are changing over to sugaring as an alternative to Brazilian waxing hair removal.
However, sugaring is still unknown to many people, but we are here to introduce and recommend it.

Alexandria Sugaring influences all salons and spas around the world the benefits of the gentle sugaring hair removal. Alexandria does not only sell products, but provides professional training and test. Only ones that proceed with the training and pass the test are able to use the Alexandria techniques and products.

Sugaring allows hair of only 2mm length to be removed, and can lead to permanent hair removal.
Unlike waxing, sugaring removes hair in the direction of the hair growth, and therefore is less painful while avoiding ingrowns. If you feel pain, it's is only because the hair is being removed successfully!
If you feel like waxing does not hurt, it may be because the hair is being ripped off in the middle and not from the roots.
If you have just shaved, a sugaring can still be done 6-7days after! Sugaring paste is applied on your skin a few times, but it does not damage your skin. Instead, after sugaring, your skin is moisturized and smooth✩
Sugar paste is organic and gentle to the skin! It does not act up and allergies.
Sugaring is recommended for people with sensitive skin. The paste is water based, so it can be washed off easily.
Because the paste is made of sugar, it kills all bacteria, making the paste very hygienic.
Sugar pastes do not dry the skin unlike wax. And still it can remove dead skin cells and blackheads.

Sugar pastes are not hot, so you do not have to worry about burning your skin!
Maris Gina also offers many after care products as treatment for your skin. Please come to our salon and tell us your concerns.
Sugaring every 2 weeks can lead to permanent hair removal.

Why not try sugaring at Maris Gina! ♪