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A set of [Sugaring] and mud pack is recommended!

A great deal of coupons for [Sugaring Hair Removal] and [Mud Pack] are available!
I will introduce it because it is very recommended ♪

Maris Gina mud packs are from Hungary.
It is a mud used in wound healing in Hungary, so it is a mud pack that the public cannot buy!

It is an organic mud pack that contains plenty of collagen and minerals ☆
By applying to open pores after hair removal, dirt on pores is absorbed, and collagen and minerals are permeated so that your skin will be moist and sticky.

It is a mud pack that is recommended not only for Bikini but also for the face and back♪

There are also people who purchase after this mud pack at our salon and use it as home care! Apply on the V line and face to make your skin moisturized at home!

If you are interested, please make a reservation from the set coupon of [Sugaring] and [Mud Pack]!