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Secret why Sugaring is not hot♪

It was hot at the time of wax hair removal!
Is it like sugaring?
Isn't it hot?
Why isn't sugaring hot?

I will answer such questions ^ ^
Let's start!

~ Why the wax is hot ~

The wax has a smooth texture when heated to a high temperature,
Can adhere to the skin.
Conversely, unless it is heated to a high temperature, it will become muddy and will not adhere to your skin.

It will feel even hotter if you apply it more than once and peel it off.

It is also waxing where hair that does not fall out, breaks in the middle

~~The reason why Sugaring is not hot~~

The paste used for Sugaring is at the same temperature as body temperature!
So it's not hot

..., can it get close contact with your skin?

That's right!
The wax did not adhere to the skin unless it was in a high temperature and dry condition, but the sugar paste does not change in adhesion depending on the temperature.

The feature is that it can firmly adhere even at body temperature!

You don't have to worry about breaking the hair or ingrown hair because you can wrap the hair root up to the hair you have not yet seen and you can remove the hair upright.

It's not hot when it's applied, and you don't have to worry about broken hair being buried with sugaring.