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Scrubbing is important 【Sugaring】

At Maris Gina Shinsaibashi, we request customers to undertake scrub care at home.

Why is scrubbing required for sugaring?
This is the topic we will talk about today.

.【Q】Why is scrubbing important?
【A】 In sugaring, the sugar enters your hair pores to remove your hair from the root. Hence if you don't keep your pores clean, the sugar will not enter, and the shorter hairs and hair remnants will remain on your skin.

That is why at Maris Gina we require our clients to scrub
Also, scrubbing has so many delightful effects on your skin

Suppress inflammation
Control secretion of skin oil
Alleviate itching caused by dry skin.
Prevent ingrown hair
Pain reduction in subsequent hair removal treatment.

Scrubbing care should be carried out three days after treatment and 2-3 times a week, for exfoliation.

There is a difference in final conditions between people who carry out scrub care and those who don't do scrub care.

Please do try scrubbing.