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G Types of Sugar you should choose

There are several types of sugar that apply to different types of skin. What the differences are and when we can use what type, let us find out. 

1. There most common type of sugar is REGULAR. Regular sugar can be applied to normal skin type and is suitable under any kinds of weather. 

2. The second type is LK, which is much softer. LK can be applied to cold skin type and sensitive, thin skin. 

3. The third type is TROPICAL. Tropical sugar can be applied hot skin type. Tropical sugar is the hardest type, but you will not get hurt. 

Note: Sometimes you can mix two types together to make bettter results.

If you do not know which type of sugar is suitable for you, let us choose it for you. We hope to see you soon at Maris Gina.

G Instructions for exfoliating your skin after sugaring

Some of our customers wonder why their short hairs cannot be  removed within the first day of sugaring. The answer is because the sugar is full under the hair, so it is really tough to remove the hair. Therefore, before the next appointment, the customers need to remember the below notes so that we can easily remove the short hairs. 

1. Four days after the sugaring day, the you need to exfoliate your skin, which means you remove the dead cells from its surface. However, within the three days after you are sugared, do not exfoliate. 

2. Three days after that, you can continue exfoliating. Within a week, you can exfoliate your skin 2-3 times to make sure all the dead cells and left sugar are removed. 

3. You have to remember that you must not exfoliate your skin 3 days before your next appointment. We highly recommend that you have the next appointment within 3 weeks time. 

We hope that the instruction can help you have a clearer idea of exfoliating the skin after having sugaring. Let us remember every step to receive the best results for body sugaring. Also, do not hestitate to contact us for further detailed instructions of skin aftercare. 

See you soon at one out of four Maris Gina salons, which are Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and Tochigi.

G What makes MarisGina standout?

Why should I choose MarisGina but not any other salons? The answers are below. 

1. We offer both sugaring and waxing

But we highly recommend the customers to choose sugaring over waxing due to its incredible merits: Sugaring, which is made from natural ingredients, can remove the hair from the root without burning or harming the skin. However, if customes feel more comfortable to use wax, we still can offer waxing with our best services. If you still hestitate to choose between the two techniques, feel free to ask us for the further advice. 

2. We use products that have worldwide regconition

We use the products from Alexandria Professional (AP), which is a famous brand of sugaring in the world. Also, since the brand offers three types of sugar, the customers can choose which one is suitable for their skin. By using the AP products, we can deliver the best treatment to you, our lovely customers who wish to remove hair with sugaring. 

3. Our staffs are well tranied

Our staffs receive the trainings from Alexandria Professional, so they understand the concept correctly. Moreover, since they have a lot of chances to practices, they master their skills for a short amount of time. 

4. We have several salons in Tokyo and even in Tochigi

So that we can provide more choices for you! We have three salons in Tokyo, which are Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi; also, we have one in Tochigi, so remember to visit our website for the details. All of the salons are super nice looking and easy to access, so do not hestitate to visit one of our salons really soon!

5. We make the schedule for each customer

Since we make the schedule for each customer, you do not have to wait for the treatment. Just come to one of the salons at your own time, and you will be sugared or waxed immediately. 

6. We have aftercare instructions for customers and our own app

If you receive hair removal from MarisGina, we will give you the clear instructions for the treatment by both Japanese and English. Besides, we have our own app which can help you recieve he A to Z information about our place. Sound great, right? 

After reading these 6 special things about MarisGina, have you decided if you want to come to MarisGina or not? We wish the answer is yes and we wish to see you soon!

G Save your time with sugaring

You need a hair removal technique that can be conducted in a short amount of time? The answer has to be sugaring. 

With sugaring, your hair will be removed fastly by well trained practitioners, so that you can feel comforatbe to make an appointment right before your work or any important events.

Also, although it does not take much time to remove your hair, sugaring has a long lasting effect. As long as the roots of your hair are all taken out, and you can come back to reveive the within 3 week treatment, you do not have to care much about your annoying hair a long time after that. 

So, let us make an appointment now at 4 MarisGina salons in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Tochigi to receive the best hair removal technique. We hope to see you soon!

M Veganism

More people are becoming vegan these days. More people care on what they put into their body and what on it as well.

From the Vegan Society's website, the definition of veganism "is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose." Conversely, though, Merriam-Webster has cruelty-free listed as "developed or produced without inhumane testing on animals".

The difference between the two can be confusing to many. The difference lies in the details. If an item states that they are cruelty-free, it simply means that a finished product isn't tested on animals. This doesn't necessarily mean that the ingredients used in the finished product are cruelty- free. There are also a few independent certifications a company can get, though, that ensure their product is cruelty-free from inception to production. Anytime you see a Leaping Bunny logo, for instance, you know you are buying 100% cruelty-free.

Unfortunately, though, this doesn't mean that there are no animal by-products in the ingredients list. There are plenty of animal byproducts that are used in cruelty-free beauty products. For instance, many people love lanolin and honey; but, these are animal byproducts thus not vegan.

Maris Gina's Sugaring products which are from Alexandria Professional® are currently going thru the rigorous process of becoming both cruelty-free and vegan certified!

So yes, for vegans out there our products are vegan! The process to become certified is currently in the works though. But we will keep you updated.

M Scrub, scrub, scrub with Alexandria Professional's Saltspring

Salt Spring® Dead Sea Salts
Salt Spring Dead Sea Salts are rich in natural minerals, rejuvenate your entire body, and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth.
This multi-purpose restorative exfoliating treatment helps with ingrown hair problems, treats body blemishes and improves skin texture. Soak to sooth sore & tired muscles, feet, etc. Use at home w/massage gloves or bath soak to prevent & rid ingrown hairs.

M Sugaring Aftercare

Done Sugaring? Looking for ways on how to take proper care for your Sugared part?
Here are the answers for that.

--To avoid irritation, keep the skin clean and free of harsh lotions or products for a day.
--Do not apply any scented lotions or creams for a day.
--No hot baths for 24 hours.
--Take cold shower to help tighten the pores.
--Do not heavily exercise or do anything that causes you to sweat for 48 hours after your treatment. This may cause infection.
--No abrasives, scrubs or exfoliating for 3 days.

Three days after Sugaring, you can begin to exfoliate 2-3 times a week in the shower or bath. Exfoliation promotes circulation and most importantly, frees the skin of excess build-up which often results in ingrown hair. Exfoliating helps to avoid the chance of ingrown hair.

To get the best results from sugaring, its best to remove hair during the anagen stage(1st stage). This is typically 3-4 weeks after your last appointment, but can vary from person to person.

M 5 Reasons why you should choose Sugaring than Waxing

1. Sugaring is better for sensitive skin.

Sugaring is all-natural and is made of with sugar, water and lemon. Unlike waxing which has other chemicals that causes the skin to breakout more. Since most people are allergic to some chemicals, we suggest trying sugaring since it is an all-natural way of removing hair.

2. Sugaring doesn't cause too much adverse reaction unlike waxing does.
Sugar paste which is used to remove hair, adheres to the hair follicles so it is really effective in removing the hair while also not removing the live skin cells like waxing does. This causes too  much irritations and redness.
We even have customers saying redness is gone within 24 hours with Sugaring unlike with waxing which takes them 3 days or more to vanished.

3. Sugaring can avoid 30% of hair breakage.
Since sugar paste is applied on the opposite direction of the hair growth and removes on the direction of the hair growth, chances are, the hair breakage is lessen. Waxing, which is applied on the same direction the hair grows and removes on the opposite way, causes more hair breakage. 

4. Sugaring is easier to clean than waxing.
Sugar paste can be removed with just water or by just rinsing it off. Waxing takes more effort to remove and sometimes it cannot be remove on cloths.

5. Sugaring can remove short hair unlike waxing.
With Sugaring, hair can be removed as short as 2mm. Some professionals can even remove hair shorter than 2mm. With waxing, the hair should be 1/4 inches or so. If short hair can't be removed in waxing, tweezers will be used. In Sugaring, no tweezers are being used since short hair can be removed with just the sugar paste.

Come at Maris Gina to experience Sugaring at your different body.

M Sugaring Myths Debunked!

Most popular Sugaring myths debunked. 

1. Sugaring is a new procedure or technology.
This is a myth. Sugaring is not new. In fact, it has been in use since 1900BC in Persia, Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt. It is one of the earliest method for hair removal. It has been in practiced for years and this is just getting popular day by day.

2. Sugaring can caused high Glucose level on blood especially when you are diabetic.
This is also a myth. In order to have a high Glucose level, you have to consume or eat the sugar paste instead of applying it into your body. But why would you eat a Sugar Paste which is used for hair removing? No one will gonna do it right? Though you can eat our Sugar since it is just made of water, lemon and Sugar. Does that mean that you can be sugared even when you are Diabetic? Well, it is a case to case basis for this one. Might as well ask your practitioner for this one. The thing is, this won't cause your Glucose to raise.

3. Sugar is so messy and hard to clean.
This is a big myth! Sugar can easily be clean with water. After sugaring, just take your regular shower and voila its like magic, its gone. No need to go the extra mile to clean it up like waxing. Sugar stick into your clothes? No problem! It can be removed with water and by slighty rubbing the area or just throw it on the washing machine and it will be gone as if nothing happens.

4. You cannot be Sugared when you have your period.
Not true. You can be Sugared when you have your period as long as you wear a tampon. Though it will hurt more than when you are not in your period as the pain tolerance are kinda bit lower when you are in your red days.

5. Bacteria and viruses can grow on the sugar paste.
Since sugar paste has a high sugar concentration, it is nearly impossible for the bacteria to grow. In fact, it has lemon which has a high acidity level and we all know that bacteria doesn't grow on that kind of environment.

G Do not worry if your are afraid of hotness and stickiness

If waxing is pretty hot and sticky for the skin which sometimes might make you feel uncomfortable, we offer a new choice of hair removal for you right now: Sugaring.

♥ With sugaring, the heat is not too high like waxing so that you do not have to worry about its hotness as well as be afraid that the sugar can burn you.

Also, since sugar is easy to be removed with water:

◊ The skin can be easily cleaned after being applied the Alexandria after treatment products; 
◊ You can also find it not challenging to wipe the floor if you unfortunately drop the sugar. 

While at the same time, if you use waxing, you can find it uncomfortable even when you use oil to remove the waxing liquid from your skin and it is hard to clean up your floor/ bed wraps if you drop the waxing liquid on them. Waxing or sugaring, it depends on your choice! At Maris Gina, we offer both sugaring and waxing for our customers. Let us visit one of our salons in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and Tochigi soon to receive great advice and hair removal treatments from out staffs. See you soon!