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All parts of the body can be treated by sugaring!
Out of all, we recommend facial hair removal (^^)

Do you shave your facial hair?
When shaving,
For those of you who have sensitive skin, have you gotten the reverse effect and hurt your skin instead?

With sugaring, there is no need to worry about such things
At the beginning, it will be quite painful,
there might be redness and small bumps may form, but be assured as they will recover immediately

Advantages of facial hair removal
・Becomes easier to put makeup
・Makeup is less likely to collapse
・Easier penetration of makeup lotion
・Less pimples and acne forming
・Tightening of pores

And many other advantages \(^o^)/

You might think that it is alright to let your hair grow because it is winter, but it is important to go for hair removal treatments even in this season

Why don't you come to Maris Gina and try out facial hair treatments?

Once you start sugaring, you'll always want to come back for more!!

Have you been shaving your armpit hair?
Doesn't shaving make you feel itchy?

Too much will cause inflammation of the skin(-_-;)
And it can even lead to scarring

To those of you out there with such worries, we recommend sugaring!!
The new hair will grow from the tip
Hence it would not tingle and become itchy (^^)/

With regular sugaring, your hair will gradually become thinner and softer
After the first treatment, many have said that they would want to do it again!

Voices of our customers・・・・

●My first sugaring treatment!
There was not much pain, and it was over in a blink of an eye while I was chatting
I had always been waxing, but I would definitely change to sugaring from now on

●When I got the treatment done at a different clinic,
It was quite painful.
But this time, I was shocked that it was completely painless
I would like to request this clinic again

●I was nervous as it was my first time getting the treatment
However, it was so much less painful than Brazilian waxing
It was amazing
I would like to get the treatment regularly and have a beautiful skin eventually

Those of you who had not tried sugaring!!
We are looking forward to seeing at Maris Gina Shinsaibashi Shop ☆

If you have any queries, do feel free to inquire♪


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【シュガーリング 】なら脱毛だけでなく美肌を目指した脱毛法なので、お砂糖の効果で仕上がりはしっとりもちもちですよ♪



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Customers' Voices ~ Sugaring completion~

Have you ever wondered,
"what happens to my skin after sugaring?"

Burning feeling ...
Does the pain continue because I pulled out my hair? etc.

To customers who have never experienced sugaring,
I believe it's a lot of unknown and makes you feel anxious (> _ <)

Today I have collated the opinions of customers who completed VIO sugaring (^^) /

Please refer to it!!

●It was my first sugaring in my first VIO treatment,
There was not much pain, and I was so impressed it turned out so smooth!

● I had VIO and arm pits sugar wax treatment done..
I was impressed with the smooth and beautiful finish.

● It was my first sugar ring. Probably because my hair roots are strong,
It was really painful, but the finish is smooth and satisfying!
I will do it again!

● I requested for VIO sugaring after a long time.
As expected, the finishing is smooth, and it feels great. ^ ^

●The finishing is so smooth. I am looking forward to take a bath ♪

● The service by the staff in charge was really enjoyable, and I didn't worry too much about the pain!
The finish was so smooth i would like to come back again.
Thank you very much!

● Not as painful as I expected, it was very smooth after the treatment
The lady in charge was easy to talk to and my time passed enjoyably!
It was slightly painful, but the finishing is smooth and very satisfying!

How was it?

Most of the comments received were (^ ^ ♪
"It was painful ...
"But I am glad I did it" "I hope I came earlier"

Do you want to experience "mochi mochi tsurutsuru?" (springy and smooth)
We will be waiting for you (^^) /

About the hair cycle 【Sugaring】【wax】

For customers who have visited Maris Gina Shinsaibashi store
We have talked about the treatment cycle

Our best recommendation is to visit every 3 to 4 weeks (^ o ^)

Today, I will be answering these questions☆
Why is it that specific cycle?
Why is it not good to let it grow out completely?

The hair growth cycle comprises of 3 stages (^ ^) /

● Anagen stage → → growing phase (short hair)
● Catagen stage → transition phase (intermediate stage)
● Telogen stage → resting phase (long hair)

If you want to thin your hair,
At the time of this anagen stage, hair and its root are stuck, so it is absolutely important to remove hair during this period! (^^)!

That's around three to four weeks!!

In three to four weeks, there is slight pain relief
There is also a hair loss effect and it is a time that gives better feeling of hair removal (^ ^ ♪

We look forward to your routinely visit. (^ ^) /

Disadvantages of at-home treatment - razor -

Surely, everyone has used a razor for hair removal care at least once?

Of course, I have also used a razor before (> _ <)
It iss convenient and if you are bothered by your hair while taking a shower, you can take care of it immediately (> _ <)

Your skin becomes tattered ...
It becomes itchy ...
It grows back quickly ...
Hair grows back pointy...

Have you experienced these before?

Razors are blades which will hurt your skin (..)
Because the skin surface is being shaved, your skin will be full of scratches.

And if your skin is damaged due to scratches,
Your hair response by growing thicker to protect your skin
Hence increasing the amount of hair ... (@ _ @)

I shaved my arm pits and my hair got thicker!!
Have you had such an experience?

Also, due to the skin damage, it is easy to dry and get razor burn

【Sugaring】Hair removal technique supported by Maris Gina is not just for hair removal, but as skin care
Which is our focus as well (^ o ^)

No matter how many times you repeat it, it is gentle on your skin ♪
Recommended for atopic and sensitive skin (^^) /

Although the ingredients of sugaring is organic,
"Sugars" is used for the sugar paste.

~ Delightful effects of sugar ~

1. Moisturizing skin care
2. Moisturizing ability UP moist skin
3. Contain bacteria
4.Good for skin firmness and gloss

Hair removal & moisturized beautiful skin!!

Even after hair is removed, it is recommended for keratin care and for moisturizing, to maintain a healthy beautiful skin (^^ ♪

By repeating 【Sugaring】hair becomes thinner and less dense
Which is the reverse effect of razor that gets thick and denser!

Even those who have always been shaving,
Please try 【Sugaring】once ♪

Which is better 【Sugaring】or waxing? ?

We recommend sugaring at this salon.

Brazilian wax caused my skin to peel off,
The heat of the wax was unbearable
Allergy to pine trees (resin)
Chemicals in tea tree and other waxes did not match,

If you are not satisfied with Brazilian wax for the same reason (TT),
Please try sugaring!

"I used to do wax hair removal before. I was interested in sugaring, so when I switched to sugaring hair removal for the first time, it was organic, able to remove short hair and it was not as hot as wax, so I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Are some get a happy voice from customers.( ^ _ ^ )

What we recommend at Maris Gina is sugaring hair removal!

【Sugaring】and the pain of waxing

It is definitely painful during treatment
Pain is inevitable because several thick hairs are pulled at once.

Especially for people with a lot of hair, and the individual hairs are thick, it will naturally be more painful, this might make you a little hesitant.

The degree of pain varies depending on where it is found. After all, where the hair is dense and thick strand grows will be more painful.

For women the greatest pain is during VIO hair removal, but only few are unable to tolerate and discontinue the procedure.

Please note that the pain is enhanced especially during the period after self-treatment such as shaving, or during, before and after menstruation.

[By doing home care appropriately
The pain during the subsequent treatment can be reduced ☆]

1. With exfoliating using salt scrub, the hair pores are opened greater and the penetration of sugar can be improved!

Good penetration of sugar gives better feeling of hair removed, and thus can help in alleviating pain.
It is also effective for male beards ◎

2.After salt scrub, constant moisturizing which will maintain good skin condition.

3. Apply CCme before treatment

The points introduced to alleviate pain introduced are good for regulating skin
Please do try it. (^_^)