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Did you do Hair Removal on your Buttocks? [Sugaring]

In Maris Gina, Bikini is the menu that customers asked for the most.

You may not be able to see the unwanted hair on your buttocks, so many people may not care about it, but it may grow unexpectedly!

Unlike Bikini, the buttocks is hairy, so is it okay?
It's a shame to think!
Since the hair growth is fine and dense, removing the hair will lead to brighten of the entire skin, and the skin will be transparent and beautiful ☆

Sugaring hair removal not only removes hair, but also removes dead skin cells and has a moisturizing effect with sugar, making it moist and smooth.

If you have a clean O line, why don't you make your buttocks smooth with sugaring?

For those who have rough skin due to friction of skin or stuffiness of shorts, we recommend that you select an additional mud pack menu and detox your skin ☆

Hair removal on the Armpits! [Sugaring]

We recommend the Armpits sugaring + mud pack coupon set!

Armpit hair grows even if you shave or pull it out.
Besides, there are many people who are worried about the darkening of the pores and the darkening of the skin.

Unlike Wax, sugaring hair removal is different from Wax in that the hair is turned upside down and the sugar paste penetrates into the pores, so it also cleans the pores ☆

Sugar paste is made from organic ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice.
It is a gentle hair removal method that even people with weak skin and atopic skin can receive the treatment without worries!

We would like to recommend the armpits mud pack after sugaring!

Maris Gina's mud pack is from Hungary and is rich in minerals and collagen.

I would like you to use it for those who want to brighten up their skin, from buried hair, acne, inflammation after hair removal ☆

It absorbs dirt from the pores and has a bactericidal effect, so it is also effective against acne bacteria lurking in the pores!

It also helps to brighten your skin! Of course, it can be used on the face and whole body ♪

It's especially dry season now, so it's highly recommended to moisturize with a mud pack after hair removal!

Let's aim for flawless and smooth skin with sugaring hair removal and mud pack for the summer and make the skin beautiful without unwanted hair.

The forgotten Lower belly line hair [Sugaring]

The hair under the navel that is usually hidden in clothes and is usually not bothering, not unless when it comes to swimwear, underwear, and bold fashion where you can see your stomach.

Since it is a part that is not visible to the public, many people may be wondering whether it should be removed.

Not only under the navel, but also the thickness of unwanted hair on the arms and legs varies from person to person.

Many people may be worried that ""I may have thicker hair than other people.""

Factors that cause unwanted hair to thicken include stress, disordered eating habits, and major changes in hormonal balance due to pregnancy.
For those who have an imbalance in hormones due to stress or disordered eating habits, it is important to relieve stress by exercising and to live a regular life every day!

In addition, it is said that the thickening of unwanted hair during pregnancy is due to the increase in female hormones.
After giving birth, the amount of hormones will gradually return to the state before giving birth, so it is better to watch the situation.

Unlike the arms and back, the stomach is soft and delicate.
We recommend that you take care of it as carefully as you do with pubic hair!

With proper care, your skin and appearance will be beautiful, and you can enjoy highly exposed fashion.

Recommended hair removal as well as [Sugaring]
There is a set coupon that can be used not only for VIO hair removal but also for hair removal under the navel ☆

Please make a reservation with a coupon!

What is the difference between [Sugaring] and Wax? Part 2

Today, I would like to introduce the difference between [Sugaring] and Wax based on the impressions of customers who actually visited the store!

""I used to do waxing. I was worried about sugaring, so I was recommended to it and switched to sugaring for the first time. It's organic, but short hair comes off and it's not as hot as wax. I thought it was amazing! I am very satisfied with the finish! ""

We got a happy customer ♪
Of course, we recommend sugaring hair removal at Maris Gina!

Sugar paste is made from organic sugar, water and lemon juice, and the moisturizing effect of sugar makes the finish moist!
Even people with sensitive skin can remove their hair, so there is no need to worry about getting rough.

In addition, sugaring depilatory sugar is at room temperature!
You don't need to use tweezers because the sugar penetrates the pores and you can pull out the hair from the roots.

Since there is no heat or tweezers irritation, you can remove hair even in delicate areas, so if you do not like waxing, please try Bikini Sugaring!

For minors who want to remove hair! [Sugaring]

This 2020! Next year!
For minor customers who want to remove their hair ☆

Minors who come to Maris Gina will need a parental consent form to remove their hair!

At Maris Gina, once you have a custody agreement, you can get a card called Student Pass that you can use until you are 20 years old ♪

You can save the trouble of having to bring the consent form every time, so even minors can feel free to go through (^_^)

It's a very cute card, so it makes feel good even if I have it ♪

If you are a minor and want to have beautiful skin while removing hair, please come to Maris Gina right now.

What to do with the hair around the eyebrows? [Sugaring]

How do you treat the hair growth around the eyebrows and the hair growth around the eyelids?

Now that half of the face is hidden by the mask, the eyebrows are the point where you have to clean around the eyes.

I think there are many people who shave when they do make up and pull it out when they notice it!

When it has been noticed, you tend to pull out more and more!
When shaved too much, eyebrows may became too thin!
What to do?

Maris Gina [Eyebrow Sugaring] is recommended for such people!

The sugaring will adjust the shape of the eyebrows according to your favorite design!

Eyebrows are an important part in the face,
Since the area around the face is sensitive, it is a very noticeable place such as buried hair due to self-treatment and scratches on the razor.

Around such eyebrows
Let's leave it to a professional and get a beautiful eyebrow!

There is a [sugaring] menu for eyebrows, so please select that and make a reservation ♪

Please note that the facial menu does not include the area around the eyebrows!

Those who are suffering from Bikini Hair Removal [Sugaring]

Those who are suffering from Bikini Hair Removal!
Hair removal is available for a wide range of age groups.
Women want to be beautiful no matter how old they are.
Women with a high sense of beauty are very sensitive to beauty.
Men are the same!

○ It sticks out of the pants
○ Moist in pants
○ I'm worried about gray hair
○ I'm worried about the smell
○ I'm worried about the tingling after razor
○ Etiquette for men
○ Damp during menstruation
○ Itching that I can't stand
etc ...

We hear various concerns from everyone who comes to the store for hair removal.
Those who are uneasy to go alone because they cannot ask if there are people around them who done hair removal

It's okay!
If you have a problem that you can't talk to, please talk to a hair removal professional!

I'm sure that the problem of being alone will be solved.

At Maris Gina, we perform not only hair removal but also counseling before performing the treatment.
We look forward to welcoming you to our store so that we can help you with your concerns.

The nice effect of salt scrub [Sugaring]

Available at Maris Gina
Salt scrub
A salt scrub from [Dead Sea]!

-Dead Sea salt-

The Dead Sea is located in the northwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula
The salinity is about 30%, which is very high compared to the general sea.

Dead Sea salt can be divided into two types: mineral and magnesium!

○ Minerals are effective for skin beauty
○ Magnesium has excellent moisturizing surface

《Effects obtained with Dead Sea salt》
○ Diet support
Dead Sea salt is known for its high dieting effect.

When immersed in a bathtub, the salt components dissolved in the bathtub enter the sweat glands and discharge the body's waste products, causing the sweating action to work.

Due to the sweating action
Because the function of suppressing the decrease in body temperature occurs in the body
You can keep your body warm.

○ Moisturizing the skin
Dead Sea salt contains a variety of minerals, including magnesium, which helps moisturize the skin.
Magnesium has excellent hygroscopicity
The feature is that the ingredients are easily dissolved in water.

Magnesium chloride not only nourishes the skin, but also moisturizes the skin and provides solid support after bathing, which is easy to dry.

○ Fatigue recovery and relaxation effect

When immersed in the Dead Sea, buoyancy works more than usual, and you can feel that your weight is about one tenth.

If you weigh about 60 kg, it will be very light, about 6 kg, and you can easily float without using a float.

for that reason,
If you soak in a bathtub containing Dead Sea salt, the large buoyancy will reduce the strain on your muscles and joints, and will reduce muscle tension, leading to recovery from fatigue.

Maris Gina's scrub
There are three types, one is a type in which the emulsion is already mixed, and the other is a type in which the emulsion is mixed by yourself.

The mixed type can be used not only as a scrub but also as a bath salt!
Those who tend to skip moisturizing can use it as a bath salt 

[Sugaring] is a non-hot paste!

Waxing was hot.

It's similar but not hot?
Why is sugaring not hot?
Have you ever wondered?

○ Why wax is hot

When the wax is heated to a high temperature, it becomes smooth and can adhere to the skin.
To put it the other way around, if you don't heat it to a high temperature, it will become muddy and it will not be able to adhere to your skin.

Where you applied
It feels even hotter when you apply it again. ..

Feel so hot! Waxing is also the reason why some hair does not come off and some hair breaks in the middle.

○ The reason why sugaring is not hot

The paste used for sugaring is about the same as body temperature!
So it's not hot

Can it stick to the skin?

That's right!
The degree of adhesion of sugar paste does not change depending on the temperature

The feature is that you can stick to it even at body temperature!

Even short hair wraps around the roots and removes hair, so it is difficult for hair to break or become buried ♪

It's not hot and skin is moisturized by the moisturizing effect of sugar!

Sugaring ☆
Please try it!

AP mud pack for tired skin [Sugaring]

Maris Gina Mud Pack is a special mud pack from Hungary!

Rich in minerals and collagen, it is effective for inflammation, acne, and ingrown hair after hair removal ☆

It also has the effect of accelerating skin turnover and enhancing healing power ♪
In addition, mud also has a soothing effect, so it also removes the burning of the skin. Why don't you try to refresh with Maris Gina's mud pack that can be used for the whole body on tired skin that has been exposed to a lot of ultraviolet rays this summer?

Of course, it is also recommended for those who have stiff or dry skin at the change of the season.

Give your skin plenty of minerals and collagen to improve your skin tone