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How often can you depilate Sugaring Next?

How often can you depilate next?

Hello! Thank you for visiting our blog ♪

Why not make sure you have a confident skin no matter how close your boyfriend can see this year?
You can get ready for a sudden trip!
Why don't you start removing your skin ^^?

Sugar​i​ng hair removal Because the damage to the stratum corneum on the skin is less,

you can do the next hair removal process after 14 days ♪

In a short period of time there is less pain, and the hair gets thinner and thinner!

If it is ​Lina Kennedy from Alexandria Professional​'s sugaring technology
You can also depilate short hairs of about ​2​ mm

※ Depending on the condition of the pores, it may be difficult to remove hair,
and it may not be possible to remove all hair.

This is different from Brazilian wax hair removal, which requires hair length,
so it is possible to remove hair from two weeks without waiting for the hair to grow long.  

Sugaring ​is​ different from Brazilian wax hair removal,
which requires a hair length, 
so hair removal can be done in as little as two weeks without waiting for the hair to grow long.
In a short period of time,
you can realize that it becomes difficult to grow hair by sugar​i​ng several times!
The stains left in the pores after hair removal are also cleaned with sugar​ paste​ The result is a beautiful VIO that could not be obtained with wax removal. And many hair loss becomes possible in a short time ☆ Let's start the hair removal process​ with Sugaring​! Now before summer! ! We look forward to seeing you ♪

Change from Waxing to Sugaring

 Hello! Thank you for seeing the blog (^ _ ^) 

Today, I would like to introduce you the feedback from the customers who actually came to the store!

"I used to have wax hair removal before.
I was worried about sugaring, so I was recommended to switch to sugaring hair removal this time for the first time, 

but it is organic but it has short hair and it is not hot like wax I thought it was so amazing!"

I received a nice comment ♪

Of course we recommend at Maris GIna are Alexandria Professional Sugaring hair removal!

We recommend sugaring to hair removal beginners!

If you are going to be depilated for the first time,
Sugaring or wax
There are many ways you can not decide

I do not know what sugarings are.

Waxing is cheap, so if you can remove hair for the time being!
There are many people who choose wax.

but, Most people switch to sugaring if you explain properly about two hair loss methods. Many times on the blog we have introduced the difference between the two methods of hair loss,
but for those who are new to it, we especially recommend sugarings! Because,

The wax is hot when it is applied.

There is a possibility that hair may be cut in the middle.

Removing the hair with tweezers is also painful and leads to dryness.

And above all, the condition of the hair when you come next time is very different from the sugaring.

Hair of the person who comes to the store for the second time waxing
A lot of long, thick hair

In contrast, the second person who removes sugarings is
Thin and few, I think that there are individual differences, but most people have significantly reduced hair!

Why is sugaring so much
Does the hair loss decrease? And you think in question!

The sugar paste used in the sugaring can be in close contact with the skin while being at the body temperature, 
and can be penetrated into the back of the pore and wrapped up to the hair root and the hair papilla (place to grow the hair)

Because you can!

Eyebrow Sugaring

Have you heard that Eyebrow Sugaring is not painful at all?

Well, if you haven't then I am saying it now that eyebrow sugaring is definitely not painful at all unlike Threading does.
It isn't as harmful as Waxing does because Sugaring is made of Sugar, Lemon and water only. No preservatives, no chemicals.
The best way to an on-flick eyebrows is this. Your hair breaks less compared with Waxing and Threading.
Since our face is one of the most sensitive area of our body, we recommend this to our client.

Try Eyebrow Sugaring even once.

Aftercare for Sugaring

Done Sugaring? Looking for ways on how to take proper care for your Sugared part?
Here are the answers for that.

  • To avoid irritation, keep the skin clean and free of harsh lotions or products for a day.
  • Do not apply any scented lotions or creams for a day.
  • No hot baths for 24 hours.
  • Take cold shower to help tighten the pores.
  • Do not heavily exercise or do anything that causes you to sweat for 48 hours after your treatment. This may cause infection.
  • No abrasives, scrubs or exfoliating for 3 days.

Three days after Sugaring, you can begin to exfoliate 2-3 times a week in the shower or bath. Exfoliation promotes circulation and most importantly, frees the skin of excess build-up which often results in ingrown hair. Exfoliating helps to avoid the chance of ingrown hair.

To get the best results from sugaring, its best to remove hair during the anagen stage(1st stage). This is typically 3-4 weeks after your last appointment, but can vary from person to person.

Facial Sugaring is recommended

Facial Sugaring is a kind of hair removal which removes unwanted hair on your face with the use of sugar paste.

Why is it recommended?

It is recommended because it is all natural, made of sugar, water and lemon.
It doesn't burn your skin, gentle on the skin and will leave your skin smooth afterwards.
Even the thinnest and lightest hair can be removed.

What do you need to do before the treatment?
In order to avoid irritations, we ask our customers to not put makeup or any other cream 24 hours before the treatment.

What to do after the treatment?
As the skin is more prone to be irritated after the treatment, please do not put on makeup or creams. We also recommend using a facial scrub 3 days after the treatment.

When we recommend waxing than Sugaring?

We only recommend waxing for removing Nose Hair.

This is because hair on the nose tends to be on a contained space.
We cannot put the sugar paste as deep as we can since it can be stuck due to it, being soft.
With waxing, it gets hard so we can pull it in one go without worrying that it will be stuck.

Sugaring is effective on removing the hair outside the nose and on the shallow part of the hole of the nose. It can clean your pores especially if you have blackheads and whiteheads.
Even though you have an oily skin, we can still work on it unlike with waxing.

Open in Osaka area

Yes, at last!

We can finally announce the opening of our salon.

This July 3 we will be opening our newest salon in Osaka, 1-10-13 Kita-Horie Collet.

We will be bringing the same quality that we have in Tokyo to this new place.

We will be awaiting for your reservations. We will announce when you could book your first appointment.

Watch out for some coupons and discounts.

Thank you so much for choosing Maris Gina Salon.

See you.

First Time doing Hair Removal. Should I get Waxing or Sugaring?

I will answer Sugaring immediately.

For first timers, I wouldn't want my customers to be traumatize with waxing does so I always suggest Sugaring.
I had a first timers before and they chose Waxing because of the price difference.
They cried, they cringed, they wanted to stop. And what's next is using tweezers. Hair being pulled one by one. They told me how painful it is.The hot wax adds up to the pain and redness of your skin. We can't apply a warm wax on your skin since it won't stick.
If it isn't your first time, some people don't even feel pain at all.

Then, there's those people who chose Sugaring because why not?
It is organic, natural, can remove short hairs without using tweezers. It isn't hot at all. Just warm. Gentle to your skin and safe even for pregnant ladies.

Of course it is painful, because we are removing hair. But the thing is, the next time they return to me, both have different results. Those people who did waxing had more ingrown hairs and had longer and thicker hair. Whereas, the customers who did Sugaring had lesser ingrown or none at all. The hair grews shorter than waxing and it didn't make the hair thicker. Both customers did the home care routine.

So I suggest you to try Sugaring on your first hair removal experience to avoid being too traumatize.

You may contact me or us if you have other concerns.


I did Sugaring

Did you recently had sugaring?

Well, congratulations. You just experienced something good for your skin.
I know it's painful. Especially on your private area.And I know how good the finish is after treatment.

So what's next?

Of course, to make sure you are benefiting from Sugaring you have to do the home care.
It is also your job to ensure that you are taking proper care of your skin.
Because if you don't, it will also be hard for us to remove the hairs on your next sugaring.

What should you do?

Do not take hot baths same day after the treatment.The most important part is to exfoliate 2-3 days a week and moisturize.
Exfoliate 4 days before the treatment so we can remove all the hairs easily.
Not exfoliating and moisturizing can causes stubborn hairs which cannot be removed on the day of your treatment.
Come back before 4 weeks (Private Part) for your next Sugaring and the pain wouldn't be as painful as the first time you did it.

Continuous Sugaring and proper home care makes your skin smooth and hair free.