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M Reasons why you need to continue sugaring during winter

Weather's already changing and we know what's coming... winter!
The end of summer is no reason to stop your hair-removal routine! Many women consider bathing suit season the highest-priority for Sugaring or waxing because most part of our skin are exposed, but regular summer hair-removal shouldn't stop when winter comes. Here's why.

~Reduced Hair Growth

Sugaring removes hair from the root, and every time you sugar, you're hair grows lesser, and the hair will be lighter and finer. Repeated sugaring results in permanent hair loss, but if you give your follicles a chance to recover for half the year you will not experience the same level of reduction. By continuing to sugar in the winter, you are giving yourself a chance to take care of those stubborn hairs before summer returns.

~Less Pain

It is no secret that removing unwanted hair can be painful. It is important to understand that the more often you sugar, the less painful it will be. Every time you sugar, you are weakening the roots of your hair. Your skin recovers more quickly. New hair growth will come in finer, and will be thinner. Keeping up your waxing routine year round does not give your hair and skin the chance to revert backward.

~Start in Winter and achieve flawless skin on Summer

For those just starting, winter is a perfect opportunity to start. The reason is that it usually takes several sessions before the bumps and irritation from previous shavings are gone. By starting the process in the winter, your skin will be silky smooth and breathtakingly beautiful just in time to show it off when the warm weather arrives. 

M Full Circle Travel Kit

Going on a vacation? A trip? Another country?
Wherever and whenever you go, you have to take good care of your skin. 
Introducing Alexandria Professional Full Circle Travel Kit which you can bring anywhere you go.

The *Full Circle of Skin Conditioning™ Travel Kit includes 1oz tubes of Salt Smoothie®, Sweet Cheeks™, Mud Puddle® and Phenomen-all™.

Salt Smoothie® is designed to exfoliate and hydrate your skin from the neck down.
Sweet Cheeks™ is a facial exfoliant to reveal glowing smooth skin!
Mud Puddle® will detox and condition the skin.
Phenomen-all™ everyday will keep your skin in the most optimal condition possible.

This all-in-one Travel Kit makes skin care easy no matter where you are!

*Available on our stores

M Reduced hair growth with Sugaring

Sugaring removes hair from the root, which not only avoid future follicle growth, but damages the follicle's ability to grow strong new shafts of hair. This means that every time you sugar, you're hair grows lesser, and the hair grows will be lighter and finer.

The reason for this is that our hair grows in three stages. Our hair either is growing (Anagen), lies dormant (Catagen), or is falling out on its own (Telogen).

Let's try to further understand the hair growth phases.

1. Anagen (Growing Phase)
The growing phase lasts two to seven years and determines the length of our hair.

2. Catagen (Regression Phase)
This stage lasts about ten days. The hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the dermal papilla.

3. Telogen (Resting Phase)
The resting phase lasts around three months. Around 10-15% of hairs are in this phase. Whilst the old hair is resting, a new hair begins the growth phase.

Repeated sugaring results in permanent hair loss.

Also, depending on the length of your hairs, and whether they are exposed, near the surface of the skin, or far beneath the surface, it may take several treatments to obtain the results you want.

M Phenomen-All™ for Skin Repair

Phenomen-all™* Skin Repair is formulated to repair, refresh and rejuvenate skin. #1 Seller for treating ingrown hair and skin issues. Clary, Rosewood and Grapefruit oils are the healing elements in this formulation, and also help to control oil production. 100% non-irritating and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin by men, women, and children. Replenishes moisture, calms irritation, and softens skin cells to help relieve ingrown hairs. It delivers essential vitamins to deeply fortify skin cell structure.

Can also be used as a cuticle treatment, or to help smooth out stretch marks and scars.

*Available on our shop

M Why you should go for face sugaring

Face Sugaring is a procedure done to remove excess or unwanted hair from your face. From cleaning your eyebrows, upper lip hairs, chin, and even beards for guys.

Listed below are the top reasons why you should go for face sugaring.

Unlike other techniques, the materials used contain fewer and natural ingredients. It's made of water, sugar and lemon.
People nowadays are turning to natural and organic for their everyday lives this is perfect for that.
And who wants chemicals on our face? No one. 

Good for Sensitive Skin 
Since our face is one of the most sensitive part of our body and most precious, Sugar is the most preferable way on removing facial hair.
It doesn't just remove hair but also removes dead skin cells. It is also applied with almost the same temperature as our body so you'll definitely won't get burn.

Removes short hair
Facial hair are mostly short, and sugar paste can remove short hairs. You'll definitely can achieved that flawless face.

G Things to remember before and after an appointment

Before and after the sugaring appointments, let us keep in mind some of the things you should follow. By that, you will receive the best results of sugaring. 

- You should be sure that your hair is long enough to be removed. If it is too short or the time between two appointments is too short (less than 1 week), it is challenging to remove your hair. 
- You should take a shower before having an appointment and try not to sweat, so that the bacterias cannot stay in your skin. Although we will use presept to clean your skin, just stay hydrated to save your skin, especially when you have sensitive skin. 

- You need to stay away from hot water; warm water is alright. 
- If you have your VIOs done, say no to sex for one night. 
- You should exfoliate your skin four days after the sugaring day so that you can rejuvenate your skin and prepare for the next appointment well. 

These are some tips that you can apply for a better result of hair removal. And, if you want to receive a wonderful hair removal treatment, you are welcomed to MarisGina! We hope to see you soon!

G Figure out the two effective exfoliating treatment products

There are two products that we highly recommend you to use after sugaring, which are SALTSPRING and MUD PUDDLE. Why we advise you to use them, let us check out. 

SALTSPRING: This salt is taken in the Dead Sea; it can help detoxifying and relaxing. Since saltspring makes your skin smoother, it can rejunvenate your entire body. Three standout merits of saltspring are: 
- Help with ingrown hair problems
- Treat body blemishes 
- Improve skin texture

MUD PUDDLE: This Hungarian mud will help detoxifying and rejuvenating. Like saltspring, this all natural mud includes three speical merits:
- Help with ingrown hair problems
- Treat facial blemishes
- Improve skin texture.
By using saltspring and/or mud puddle 2-3 times per week, you will your hair can be removed easily on the next appointment and your skin will be well rejuvenated. 

We have 5 types of sugar paste.

There are several types of sugar that apply to different types of skin. What the differences are and when we can use what type, let us find out. 

1. There most common type of sugar is REGULAR. Regular sugar can be applied to normal skin type and is suitable under any kinds of weather. 

2. The second type is LK, which is much softer. LK can be applied to cold skin type and sensitive, thin skin. 

3. The third type is TROPICAL. Tropical sugar can be applied hot skin type. Tropical sugar is the hardest type, but you will not get hurt. 

Note: Sometimes you can mix two types together to make bettter results.

If you do not know which type of sugar is suitable for you, let us choose it for you. We hope to see you soon at Maris Gina.

G Instructions for exfoliating your skin after sugaring

Some of our customers wonder why their short hairs cannot be  removed within the first day of sugaring. The answer is because the sugar is full under the hair, so it is really tough to remove the hair. Therefore, before the next appointment, the customers need to remember the below notes so that we can easily remove the short hairs. 

1. Four days after the sugaring day, the you need to exfoliate your skin, which means you remove the dead cells from its surface. However, within the three days after you are sugared, do not exfoliate. 

2. Three days after that, you can continue exfoliating. Within a week, you can exfoliate your skin 2-3 times to make sure all the dead cells and left sugar are removed. 

3. You have to remember that you must not exfoliate your skin 3 days before your next appointment. We highly recommend that you have the next appointment within 3 weeks time. 

We hope that the instruction can help you have a clearer idea of exfoliating the skin after having sugaring. Let us remember every step to receive the best results for body sugaring. Also, do not hestitate to contact us for further detailed instructions of skin aftercare. 

See you soon at one out of four Maris Gina salons, which are Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and Tochigi.

G What makes MarisGina standout?

Why should I choose MarisGina but not any other salons? The answers are below. 

1. We offer both sugaring and waxing

But we highly recommend the customers to choose sugaring over waxing due to its incredible merits: Sugaring, which is made from natural ingredients, can remove the hair from the root without burning or harming the skin. However, if customes feel more comfortable to use wax, we still can offer waxing with our best services. If you still hestitate to choose between the two techniques, feel free to ask us for the further advice. 

2. We use products that have worldwide regconition

We use the products from Alexandria Professional (AP), which is a famous brand of sugaring in the world. Also, since the brand offers three types of sugar, the customers can choose which one is suitable for their skin. By using the AP products, we can deliver the best treatment to you, our lovely customers who wish to remove hair with sugaring. 

3. Our staffs are well tranied

Our staffs receive the trainings from Alexandria Professional, so they understand the concept correctly. Moreover, since they have a lot of chances to practices, they master their skills for a short amount of time. 

4. We have several salons in Tokyo and even in Tochigi

So that we can provide more choices for you! We have three salons in Tokyo, which are Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi; also, we have one in Tochigi, so remember to visit our website for the details. All of the salons are super nice looking and easy to access, so do not hestitate to visit one of our salons really soon!

5. We make the schedule for each customer

Since we make the schedule for each customer, you do not have to wait for the treatment. Just come to one of the salons at your own time, and you will be sugared or waxed immediately. 

6. We have aftercare instructions for customers and our own app

If you receive hair removal from MarisGina, we will give you the clear instructions for the treatment by both Japanese and English. Besides, we have our own app which can help you recieve he A to Z information about our place. Sound great, right? 

After reading these 6 special things about MarisGina, have you decided if you want to come to MarisGina or not? We wish the answer is yes and we wish to see you soon!