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after sugaring or waxing, we recommend Mud Pack


Suck out the impurities in the pores,
Penetrate to the back of the skin and remove toxin
Let your skin settle down! (^^)!

After Sugaring hair removal, When the pores are open It is effective to pack ☆

It is rich in minerals and collagen, ingrown hair and darkening, has an effect on acne ♪

The mud pack can be used for the whole body, so it is highly recommended as a face pack!

If your butt cheeks get rough and you have acne etc.

It becomes a beautiful butt cheeks by making a mud pack regularly (^ ^)

waxing is to be quick and smooth! !

A hot, humid day lasts (* _ *)

The delicate zone also gets stuffy at such time ... (-_-;)

The good thing about waxing is to be quick and smooth! !
Very good when you want to clean in a hurry (^ ^) /

And if I keep doing waxing hair removal
You are told that your hair has changed! !
There are individual differences, but there are also those who become vertical with curly hair (^ ^ ♪

If you are interested please try once by all means (^ _-)-☆

Sugaring epilation made of sugar and water and lemon-Organic
You can have treatment without drying your skin.
If you are concerned please come once

First time visitor which salon we choose best waxing hair removal

To change my first hair removal and salon I always visit, I think that there is a bit of anxiety, fear, wonder, etc. (> _ <)

But please rest assured (^ ^) /

So far we have been practicing a lot of people! !

To eliminate customer's anxiety, etc.
Relieve pain and keep in mind speedy treatment ☆

Remove all hair at VIO (all off)
If you have resistance to, you can also leave the front only design (* ^ _ ^ *)
● triangle
● Rectangle
● circle
● We arrange only lightly around, natural form

If I get used to it, I would recommend all-off for me.

Please try all-off, design, both, and decide how you would like it to suit your lifestyle. (^ ^ ♪

Two to three days after the treatment
Because the skin is sensitive, bathing and sweating sports, Avoid tanning salons and swimming.

I would like you to sweat in the shower.

Also, do not use scrub for 3 days after treatment! !

"When should I come next? How long should I wait?” for waxing

In waxing hair removal,

it is the following thing to be worried about

"When should I come next? How long should I wait?"

If you're a regular Brazilian wax hair removal salon,
Considering cell damage
It is better to leave "one month or more" at the same area (* _ *)

To get clean skin
Not to mention hair, let alone skin condition (^ ^) /

But I always want to keep my smooth skin without hair ...!

We recommend Maris Gina's Sugaring Hair Removal for such customers.

The reason is that you can do hair removal treatment every 3 weeks if you have sugaring hair removal☆

As we can do hair removal treatment every three weeks

At a shorter pace than conventional hair removal
You can make your hair thin and thin (^ ^) /

If you have never tried Sugaring! !

We look forward to your visit (^ ^ ♪

In a common question "Can hair be permanently removed by Sugaring hair removal?" "How long should I continue?"

 I will answer the voice!

It will disappear almost half forever! ! !

And there are individual differences Have you come once every 3 weeks,
In six months by having home care firmly 80% hair removal is complete ^ ^

"The reason for an interval of 3 weeks
" The hair that starts to grow three weeks after hair removal is

It is the hair before the hair root becomes thick and large.

By depilating that hair,
The hair that grows next becomes thinner and thinner and softer.

The condition of pores without hair growth continues,

The body does not need hair here!

Judging I will gradually stop making hair

Before the hair roots grow three weeks later
By firmly removing hair from the beginning of hair growth Hair becomes thinner, it leads to disappearing ♪

Laser hair removal can only remove hair once every two months.
The motivation is lowered when the date passes

I want to quickly lose my hair forever!

If you are such one! Sugaring! It is recommended ♪

Sugaring remove short hair

Sugaring also remove short hair, but in the case of the first hair removal,
the hair roots are strong, and those who have been treated with a razor may be difficult to remove if it is about 2 mm. If you are using a razor and your hair is very thick and strong, you need about 5 mm for the first time! The point that makes it easy to depilate short hair Continue to sugar on a regular basis. Do the following at home care. 1. Moisturizing to make the skin not dry 2. Body scrub to remove horny skin I think next time, hair loss of short hair and pain also change (^-^) Let's do our best to create beautiful skin!

Sugaring Face (Upper Lip, Cheeks, Chin, Forehead)

Hair Removal Using Sugaring Smooth and Smooth Your Face!

Are you interested in your hair?

You can depilate with sugaring the same day!

Even if it is not on the lips or nose, you can eradicate and depilate the entire hair of your face.

Let's remove hair root!

There is an amazing amount of hair on the face.

The trick is to keep getting used to things like Sugaring Hair Loss.

The skin is very sensitive, so remove about 50 to 60% of the hair at first.

In addition, we remove 50 to 60% of hair every month and continue it.

It will be like a baby skin ☆

If you try to depilate at once, you may have a histamine reaction or you may get a red pot swelling.

I understand that I want to greedy, but it is important to get used to it a little bit!

Of course it becomes smooth smooth skin! I feel that the color of your face is astonishing.

The makeup paste will also improve, so it's worth a try. In fact, it is absolutely recommended! !

First time sugaring hair removal

Sugaring also loses short hair, but their hair roots are strong for the first hair removal, and those who have been treated with razors may find it difficult to remove them if it is about 2 mm.
If you are continuing razor and your hair is very thick and strong, for the first time you want about 5 mm in length!

The point that makes it easy to break short hair

Continue to sugaring regularly,
At home care
1. Moisturizing to make the skin not dry
2. Body scrub to remove horny skin
It is to have you!

I think whether the next time I feel lost and pain also change (^-^)

Let's do our best to create beautiful skin!

Why is it hard to remove your hair during Sugaring hair removal?

Sugaring removes hair from its root. Without proper care, it would lead to clogged hair pores.
Clogged hair pores means hair won't be removed until its root.
Sugar can't get into hair follicles because something is blocking the pores.
This will result in a painful situation sometimes and hair can be left.

Why this thing happen?
Because you don't exfoliate and moisturize. Exfoliating and Moisturizing is crucial when doing hair removal.
Even if you don't do hair removal treatments, if you want to achieve a flawless skin you have to exfoliate.
We suggest exfoliating 2 or 3 times a week and moisturized everyday.

This will improve the hair pores and will help in removing hair without any problems.
It also helps in preventing ingrown hairs.

Customer Diaries: #1

Meet Ana. Not her real name.

She has been coming here in our salon for more than one and a half year.
It wasn't until 2 months ago that I became her staff and we talked about her skin problems in English.
It wasn't until that time that I recommend to her Phenomen-all.

Ana was struggling with her ingrowns, lots of it.
Bumps, redness and dry skin.
After the usual Sugaring experience, the finish was always smooth but you can still see the ingrowns specially the bumps.
I recommemd her using the Phenomen-all to help her heal the skin from ingrown and prevents them from coming back.
It also helps in eliminating bumpy skin.Continuous use will help her with dry and flaky skin.

Four weeks have passed, and its time for her next session.
I was amazed because I can definitely see the differences from before and after she uses that product.
The bumps were not as noticeable as before.
They shrink in size and was not as reddish.
The ingrowns became few.
I told her that it would need continuous use of the cream to completely heal the skin.
As some of the bumps, and scars from ingrowns were too deep and big it would really take some time.