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Do your hair follicles look like small acne?

Do your hair follicles look like small acne?

Do you know what folliculitis is?

It is the infection and inflammation of one or more hair follicles, appearing as small bumps that look like white-headed pimples.
It can occur in the tissues at the surface of the cavity (closer to the hair root), as well as the deeper tissue layers of the skin.

People who have bad hygiene habits, chronic skin diseases or are infected with staph bacteria are more prone to get the disease or skin abscess.
While diabetics are more likely to contract it, lowered immune systems, obesity and old age are possible risk factors.
There are times when infections are repeated without a known cause

Some of you might know??
But there are various causes for folliculitis.

○Ventilation is worsened when a napkin is used during menstruation
○Wearing thick stockings and tights, as well as skinny pants and leggings.
○Bad ventilation when correction undergarment is worn for a long time
○Bruises around hair follicles after shaving of excess hair allow entry of bacteria and infection
○When your immunity drops due to exhaustion, stress and unbalanced diet
The physical barrier function of your skin will weaken as well

The area that is covered by the underwear is where there is the most moisture and the bacteria can easily breed.
During the summer and after exercise, when you sweat a lot, being in a humid condition for a very long duration can cause folliculitis to occur

How to prevent folliculitis
It is important to wear well ventilated undergarments, take frequent showers, and maintain cleanliness!!
Make sure to follow up after removal of excess hair.
By reducing VIO (pubic) hair, humidity is lowered, and it becomes harder for bacteria to accumulate.

On top of that, getting a well-balanced diet and enough sleep
Keeping in mind to de-stress, to live life without being overwhelmed by exhaustion and stress.
To maintain cleanliness in the delicate body parts,
It is very effective to undergo waxing.

With sugaring, even those with sensitive skin can do not have to worry.
So, those of you who are worried about your skin as well, this shop is your solution!

We value every consultation from our customers and, our staff will attend to it with great compassion
The whole crew of Maris Gina looks forward to your visit






普段のお顔のお手入れついでのケアに取り入れながら、お肌に優しいLamina のシュガーリングで脱毛体験してください!


スクラブも販売しておりますので当日のシュガーリング とホームケアで綺麗肌を一緒に目指しましょう☆






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Reason why 3 weeks interval is recommended 【Sugaring】

Frequently asked questions
"can hair be removed by sugaring?"
"How long should I continue?"

Answers to the questions

Hair will be gone!!!

Although there are individual differences, getting treatment once every three weeks, while maintaining home care for 6 months, 80% of hair removal will be complete ^^

"Reason for every three weeks"

Hair that begins to grow three weeks after hair removal,
Is in the phase right before the hair root becomes thick and large.

By removing that hair, the hair growing subsequently becomes thinner, less dense and softer.

By leaving follicle in the condition where hair is removed for a long period
the body will believe that it does not require hair at that area and
It will gradually stop forming hair follicles

By thoroughly removing the hair root that is at a less dense phase after weeks, it leads to thinning of hair and eventually disappear♪

With laser, hair can only be removed once every two months,
Motivation falls with longer intervals
I want to remove hair quickly!

To those who feels that way,
Try Sugaring! It is recommended ♪

Disadvantages of self-treatment-Hair removal cream-

For customers who visit Maris Gina Shinsaibashi for the first time
We would ask what have you been doing to remove your hair??
Most often than not the answer we get is always the same.(. .)

That is a razor and hair removal cream.(@ _ @)
It's easy ...

However, there are many disadvantages.(> _ <)

In hair removal cream, there is calcium thioglycolate mixed.

A property of calcium thioglycolate is that it dissolves proteins

This is how unwanted hair is cleaved and removed

The biggest disadvantage of using hair removal cream is that
It can cause rough or cracked skin, causing irritation.

The reason for that is the calcium thioglycolate

Because it dissolves protein and cleaves skin hair, there will certainly be consequences to the skin.

Even for those who have strong skin, there is no doubt that the skin is irritated.

Even if it seems that there is no change, the skin is definitely damaged by calcium thioglycolate,
If the frequency of usage increase, it may cause abrasion.

Some people might use hair removal cream as they feel that a razor is likely to hurt the skin or have a possibility to cause ingrown hair,
In hindsight, even if cream is used, your skin will be harmed.

Furthermore, if the skin can be damaged by the hair removal cream, then there will be
a possibility of ingrown hair forming.

In addition, there are some cases where the calcium thioglycolate component cause inflammation in the skin and the pores to widen.

Therefore, disadvantages of calcium thioglycolate are significant.
The more you use it, the further you'll be from attaining beautiful skin.(T_T)

Would you still want to use hair removal cream?
Please come to Maris Gina Shinsaibashi store
And begin treatment with. 【Sugaring】(^ o ^)

Reasons to be pleased about VIO (pubic) hair removal 【Sugaring】

The pubic area is one of those places that leaves you feeling satisfied and refreshed after treatment.

We will introduce to you the concrete reasons why you will be glad after getting the treatment.

○Simply pleasant

・Relieving as there is no more need to do it by yourself
・Relieving as it was hard to spare time for hair removing since getting a child
・No longer bothered by the smell during menstruation
Less stuffy and no more rash from the napkin
・Hygienic as menstruation blood no longer remains and dry up on the hair
・Alleviate itch

○Better appearance

・feel secure as hair do not stick out from shorts or bikinis
・Able to choose favourite designs for underwear and swimming suit

・No more hair droppings in the room and bathroom
・Boyfriend was pleased

And there were many other reasons people are pleased!

To customers that feel hesitant about VIO hair removal,
We are open to your opinions and will remove only according to your request
consultations on how you want it to be done is also available

To those who had been interested in VIO hair removal!
Please use the discount coupons and make an appointment.

Review on CCme cream 【Sugaring】

These are the reviews of customers who requested for CCme which is very effective in suppressing itch, redness and inflammation.

The VIO area easily reddens after treatment but after applying the cream, the symptoms went down much faster than usual and hence I requested to purchase the cream.

I had always had a complex of pimples and redness on my face. When I used the cream after being told that the it would work, I no longer had large pimples and the redness reduced as well as becoming moister, and I am fond of it.

Those who are interested in the CCme cream do feel free to inquire the staff.

A trial packet containing enough for a week (¥486) is also for sale.

What are the ingredients of the sugaring paste? 【Sugaring】

Those of you undergoing treatments will know that the paste we use for sugaring is organic and gentle to the skin

Ingredients of the paste consist only of sugar, lemon juice and water. It is really just these three ingredients used.

An atopic patient who had cracked skin was able to get beautiful skin after continuing sugaring.
With many rounds of Alexandria's sugaring, you can repair your skin

Another attraction is that the temperature of the paste is not too hot
This is inn contrast to using hard wax for Brazilian wax, where its temperature is 30-35℃
While this is nothing compared to the hot tub, you would be worried about applying that to your pubic area, won't you? Most of our customers come here for VIO hair removal.

Since it is a delicate part of your body, would it not be better to have less worries
Also, the biggest difference from other sugaring methods would be that it is able to remove hairs as short as 2-3 millimetres long!

That is because we use reasonable steps to carefully check the hairs
Other than those...they are trade secrets

Most of the customers that come for waxing switch their treatment to sugaring after they are told about the benefits of sugaring.

There are also many customers that feel they should have started sugaring much earlier

Also, we hope those of you who have not experienced sugaring to take this opportunity to try it.

Does your hair root look like a small acne? ?

Do you know folliculitis? ?

● What is folliculitis? ●
It may occur only in the shallow part of the tissue surrounding the hair below the pores, or it may extend to deeper structures in the skin.

It is said that people with poor skin hygiene, patients with chronic skin diseases, and people with staphylococci in the nasal cavity are more likely to have the disease or skin abscess. Often occurring in people with diabetes, reduced immune function, obesity, and advanced age are also risk factors.
Sometimes the infection is repeated with no known cause. ""

Do you know someone who has this? The triggers vary.

○ During menstruation, the use of a sanitary napkin deteriorates air permeability.
○ If you wear thick stockings, tights, skinny pants leggings, and underwear for a long time, it would cause moisture which provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
○ After unwanted hair removal treatment, pores are open and bacteria enter from there and infect.
○ If you have low immune system due to fatigue, stress, poor diet, etc., the barrier function of the skin also weakens.

The part covered with underwear is a part where the humidity is high and germs are easy to propagate.
Folliculitis may occur in the summer or when exercising, sweating a lot and staying moist for a long time.

Put on well-ventilated underwear to prevent folliculitis, or take a shower frequently.
It is important to keep it clean ...!
After hair removal treatment, do proper aftercare.
By reducing the hair on Bikini, the humidity decreases, and it becomes difficult for the bacteria to propagate.

And a well-balanced diet and enough sleep
Release stress and keep fatigue and stress away ♪
Wax hair removal is very good to keep the delicate zone clean ♪

Sugaring hair removal for delicate skin
If you are not only concerned about hair but also your skin, please visit us!

Maris Gina is looking forward to your visit.