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What is 【Sugaring】hair removal?

Today we will address the question that we receive the most from our customers (^ _ ^) /
"What is 【Sugaring】hair removal and why is it recommended?"

1. What is waxing in the first place?

"Waxing is a method to remove unwanted hair by sticking wax onto the hair and pulling out from the hair root. ('ω')
We can process any hair types from downy hair to thick hair!!

Wax removal is better than shaving because it is pulled out from the root of the hair
Also, you can keep your skin smooth for a long time (^ o ^) *
There is no shaved remains, so it looks beautiful ☆
In this way, wax hair removal is different from light hair removal and laser hair removal,
The feature is that you will get smooth skin on the day you visit ♪

2. What is sugaring wax?

sugaring hair removal technique and normal Brazilian wax have different ingredients and method.
The main ingredients in sugaring are hair removal, sugar, lemon and water
Sugaring wax is used (^ o ^)

In addition, to perform treatment using the wax,
There is a slightly different tip in technique compared to normal Brazilian wax!

Maris Gina has adopted the method right after it entered Japan.
Hence at Maris Gina, all the staff are well versed with the method
And customers can be assured about patronizing our store (^ O ^) /

3. What is great about Sugaring??

Because there are many desirable features different from ordinary waxing such as
■ Not hot!
■ Less harm to skin!
■ Ability to remove short hair!
There are many charm points. ♪
In particular, those who want to remove hair neatly while protecting beautiful skin,
Recommended for those who want to have VIO/facial hair removal ☆

We look forward to your visit (* 'ω' *)

What are the measures for dry skin in winter? 【Sugaring】

It has become winter.
It is the time to worry about drying!!
Dryness is a great enemy to your skin!

Do you conscientiously do skin care?
Causes for drying
・ Insufficient hydration
・ Lack of sleep
・ Disordered lifestyle
And etc.

Ill-maintained skin turnover due to insufficient sleep and lack of moisture, leads to dry skin
There are many causes in daily lifestyle that cause dry skin, such as over washing the face,

If turnover is not returned to the norm,
Old keratin is not discharged from the skin and accumulates.
Lotion does not penetrate!
In addition, spots and the like become noticeable.

Use gommage and peeling regularly to provide sufficient hydration for your skin! ! !

If your skin is moisturized, it will be better than makeup and your skin will tone up.(^-^)

When it comes to drying, it is relevant to your whole body, not just your face! !

And dry skin also affects sugaring.

If your skin is dry, the sugar paste will not get into the pores properly, and it may cause hair breakage etc.(; ;)

Let's prevent dry skin and aim for beautiful skin!(^ ^)

What are the benefits of VIO hair removal? [Sugaring]

◯ Surely, the best advantage is this!
Keep your delicate zone clean by VIO hair removal!
Comfort during menstruation, no worries of odor ♪

* By the way, napkins should be changed frequently, and if it is light bleeding, you should not use night napkins, It can worsen ventilation

◯Scratching or treating with a razor many times will roughen the skin and reduce the moisture content of the skin.
Doing so also causes pigmentation and darkens the delicate zone.

[How is the treatment like?]

Is what some of you are worried about.

The posture are as follows: V is upright, I is laying down each leg to the exterior, O is in a sideways position!

If it is your first time, there is some embarrassment, but everyone says that the embarrassment is blown away by pain ( ̄ ▽  ̄) lol

There is certainly pain, but as it progresses, the layers get thinner, reducing the pain ♪

Before the upcoming events or the New Year's holiday, let's remove hair through sugaring ♪

Sugaring is made only of sugar, lemon juice and water
You can remove hair while taking care of your skin (o ^^ o)

Reservations on the day are also welcome!
We look forward to your reservation ♪

Reasons to be pleased about VIO (pubic) hair removal 【Sugaring】

The pubic area is one of those places that leaves you feeling satisfied and refreshed after treatment.

We will introduce to you the concrete reasons why you will be glad after getting the treatment.

○Simply pleasant

・Relieving as there is no more need to do it by yourself
・Relieving as it was hard to spare time for hair removing since getting a child
・No longer bothered by the smell during menstruation
Less stuffy and no more rash from the napkin
・Hygienic as menstruation blood no longer remains and dry up on the hair
・Alleviate itch

○Better appearance

・feel secure as hair do not stick out from shorts or bikinis
・Able to choose favourite designs for underwear and swimming suit

・No more hair droppings in the room and bathroom
・Boyfriend was pleased

And there were many other reasons people are pleased!

To customers that feel hesitant about VIO hair removal,
We are open to your opinions and will remove only according to your request
consultations on how you want it to be done is also available.

To those who had been interested in VIO hair removal!
Please use the discount coupons and make an appointment.


All parts of the body can be treated by sugaring!
Out of all, we recommend facial hair removal (^^)

Do you shave your facial hair?
When shaving,
For those of you who have sensitive skin, have you gotten the reverse effect and hurt your skin instead?

With sugaring, there is no need to worry about such things
At the beginning, it will be quite painful,
there might be redness and small bumps may form, but be assured as they will recover immediately

Advantages of facial hair removal
・Becomes easier to put makeup
・Makeup is less likely to collapse
・Easier penetration of makeup lotion
・Less pimples and acne forming
・Tightening of pores

And many other advantages \(^o^)/

You might think that it is alright to let your hair grow because it is winter, but it is important to go for hair removal treatments even in this season

Why don't you come to Maris Gina and try out facial hair treatments?

Once you start sugaring, you'll always want to come back for more!!

Have you been shaving your armpit hair?
Doesn't shaving make you feel itchy?

Too much will cause inflammation of the skin(-_-;)
And it can even lead to scarring

To those of you out there with such worries, we recommend sugaring!!
The new hair will grow from the tip
Hence it would not tingle and become itchy (^^)/

With regular sugaring, your hair will gradually become thinner and softer
After the first treatment, many have said that they would want to do it again!

Voices of our customers・・・・

●My first sugaring treatment!
There was not much pain, and it was over in a blink of an eye while I was chatting
I had always been waxing, but I would definitely change to sugaring from now on

●When I got the treatment done at a different clinic,
It was quite painful.
But this time, I was shocked that it was completely painless
I would like to request this clinic again

●I was nervous as it was my first time getting the treatment
However, it was so much less painful than Brazilian waxing
It was amazing
I would like to get the treatment regularly and have a beautiful skin eventually

Those of you who had not tried sugaring!!
We are looking forward to seeing at Maris Gina Shinsaibashi Shop ☆

If you have any queries, do feel free to inquire♪


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Are you still self-processing? [Sugaring]

Everyone have unwanted hair, are you still self-processing?

Those who are treating unwanted hair with a razor. . . Doesn't you get rough skin?

Why don't you discontinue from self-treatment and leave hair removal to a professional?
Even though there is a safe and effective hair removal method called Sugaring, it is a waste not to try!

With razors, the hair that grows in 1-2 days is long while in Sugaring it is removed from the hair root.

Once you experience Sugaring hair removal, you will most likely not be able to return to razor self-treatment, although you will have pain during the procedure, continuous Sugaring will also reduce hair loss pain and lead to permanent hair loss.

Please leave the hair removal with Maris Gina staff with knowledge of hair removal before your skin gets rough due to wrong hair treatment.
















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