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Popular product 【Sugaring】

Popular product 【Sugaring】

Today at Maris Gina, we would like to introduce our popular product
That is the scrub

For sugaring, the scrubbing is very important
These are the advantages for scrubbing at home・・・

●Prevention of ingrown hair
●Easier removal of short hairs
●Reduction in pain

There are only advantages☆
There is a difference in final conditions between people who carry out scrub care and those who don't do scrub care

We have 3 kind of scrub fo you to choose from at Maris Gina Shinsaibashi

【1】Salt type (salt smoothie)
For delicate areas, body
Recommended to those who wants thorough exfoliation

【2】Sugar-type is slightly finer (sweet cheek)
Moisturising effect since it is sugar

Recommended for those with more sensitive skin
It can be used for your face too

【3】Bath salt (salt box)
Easily used by putting it in the bathtub

Please choose according to your skin type and conditions
We will also give our recommendation based on your skin conditions
Please ask us!