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Taking care of your ingrowns?

Are all of you properly doing homecare after hair removal?

Taking care of your ingrowns?
It is a waste to have ingrowns after you have just gotten beautiful after a wax job.

What's the best way to prevent ingrowns?
The thing with ingrowns is that once you get it, it is prone to keep coming back in the same area.
While you are trying to remove the ingrown, your skin pigments tend to damage and change colour.
Your skin in your private areas are very thin and sensitive. It is prone to feel irritated even from the friction of your underwear touching your skin.
Therefore, acne and rashes are more likely to occur in those areas.
That is a common mistake.
Also, having oily skin does not mean you will automatically get acne. Even dry skin can cause acne.
Dry skin means there is not enough moisture i your skin, and your body will react to it.
Therefore, the body lets out too much oil, trying to give the skin moisture, and ends up creating acne.
So, even oily skin is lacking moisturization!
Meaning, the right amount of moisture has to be applied from the exterior.
Additionally, people tend to think body cream is necessarily to keep our private parts moisturized, but body cream is full of oil which is not recommendable.
After a hair removal treatment, your pores are wide open for 2-3 days.
If you apply body cream on open pores, the oil from the body cream will get stuck in your pores, meaning it is the same situation as when your body releases excess oil and clogs your pores.
So, make sure you apply oil free cream and pamper your body with care!