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Home care is important for Sugaring!

The sugaring will give you a more beautiful finish by taking good care in your home.

The feature of Sugaring is that it can remove even short hair of 2-3 mm, but if the pores is clogged or skin is dry, the sugar cannot easily get into the pores and the short hair cannot be removed.

Also, trying to get rid of those short hairs puts a strain on your skin.
It may cause redness and tingling.

So we want you to do your best in home care!

Home care for Sugaring should be moisturized daily after treatment.
You can use your favorite lotion and emulsion.
(Please choose an oil-free product)

Then, scrub care should be performed 2-3 times a week from 3 days after the treatment to cleanse the dead skin cells.

Exfoliation should be finished 3 days before the next treatment and moisturized only on those 3 days.

Sugaring also has a peeling effect, so the dead skin will be removed and become beautiful. It will be difficult for sugar to enter and hair will not be removed if there's too much dead skin.

So do not scrub for 3 days before the procedure.

This scrub care is the most important part of home care!
If you neglect exfoliation, you will get ingrown hair and you will be far from your beautiful skin.
It is very difficult to get into the habit, but please do your best☆

Also, if you do home care properly, the pain will be completely different at the next treatment, so please do home care everyone!