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Disadvantages of at-home treatment - razor -

Surely, everyone has used a razor for hair removal care at least once?

Of course, I have also used a razor before (> _ <)
It iss convenient and if you are bothered by your hair while taking a shower, you can take care of it immediately (> _ <)

Your skin becomes tattered ...
It becomes itchy ...
It grows back quickly ...
Hair grows back pointy...

Have you experienced these before?

Razors are blades which will hurt your skin (..)
Because the skin surface is being shaved, your skin will be full of scratches.

And if your skin is damaged due to scratches,
Your hair response by growing thicker to protect your skin
Hence increasing the amount of hair ... (@ _ @)

I shaved my arm pits and my hair got thicker!!
Have you had such an experience?

Also, due to the skin damage, it is easy to dry and get razor burn

【Sugaring】Hair removal technique supported by Maris Gina is not just for hair removal, but as skin care
Which is our focus as well (^ o ^)

No matter how many times you repeat it, it is gentle on your skin ♪
Recommended for atopic and sensitive skin (^^) /

Although the ingredients of sugaring is organic,
"Sugars" is used for the sugar paste.

~ Delightful effects of sugar ~

1. Moisturizing skin care
2. Moisturizing ability UP moist skin
3. Contain bacteria
4.Good for skin firmness and gloss

Hair removal & moisturized beautiful skin!!

Even after hair is removed, it is recommended for keratin care and for moisturizing, to maintain a healthy beautiful skin (^^ ♪

By repeating 【Sugaring】hair becomes thinner and less dense
Which is the reverse effect of razor that gets thick and denser!

Even those who have always been shaving,
Please try 【Sugaring】once ♪