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Customers' Voices ~ Sugaring completion~

Have you ever wondered,
"what happens to my skin after sugaring?"

Burning feeling ...
Does the pain continue because I pulled out my hair? etc.

To customers who have never experienced sugaring,
I believe it's a lot of unknown and makes you feel anxious (> _ <)

Today I have collated the opinions of customers who completed VIO sugaring (^^) /

Please refer to it!!

●It was my first sugaring in my first VIO treatment,
There was not much pain, and I was so impressed it turned out so smooth!

● I had VIO and arm pits sugar wax treatment done..
I was impressed with the smooth and beautiful finish.

● It was my first sugar ring. Probably because my hair roots are strong,
It was really painful, but the finish is smooth and satisfying!
I will do it again!

● I requested for VIO sugaring after a long time.
As expected, the finishing is smooth, and it feels great. ^ ^

●The finishing is so smooth. I am looking forward to take a bath ♪

● The service by the staff in charge was really enjoyable, and I didn't worry too much about the pain!
The finish was so smooth i would like to come back again.
Thank you very much!

● Not as painful as I expected, it was very smooth after the treatment
The lady in charge was easy to talk to and my time passed enjoyably!
It was slightly painful, but the finishing is smooth and very satisfying!

How was it?

Most of the comments received were (^ ^ ♪
"It was painful ...
"But I am glad I did it" "I hope I came earlier"

Do you want to experience "mochi mochi tsurutsuru?" (springy and smooth)
We will be waiting for you (^^) /