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Causes of darkening in the delicate zone [Sugaring]

I think that many people are quite interested in the darkening of the delicate zone.

When the skin is stimulated by UV rays and friction, it produces melanin pigment. It becomes a barrier to protect oneself.
It prevents the adverse effects of irritation from penetrating deep into the skin.

This is the mechanism that darkens the skin, the same applies to delicate zones.

Of course, the skin will stop producing melanin once it is no longer stimulated.

And the melanin that is no longer needed is naturally excreted outside the body in accordance with the turnover, which is usually the rebirth of the skin.

However, when a large amount of melanin is produced, its output cannot keep up and pigment may be deposited on the skin.

This is the cause of persistent darkening.
In particular, it is said that the delicate zone is likely to become dark, and the possible causes are the following stimuli.


Regular use of tight underwear
Washing too much
Using toilet paper roughly

・Irritation, rash

Self hair removal
Use of sanitary napkins that do not fit the skin

Also, when the skin loses moisture, the barrier function deteriorates, and it becomes weak against friction.

In fact, the delicate zone outside the mucous membrane is easy to dry, so be careful.

Disorders of hormonal balance and delayed turnover due to aging and malnutrition also cause darkening of the skin.

Maris Gina recommends mud packs after doing sugaring (^^)

Promotes skin turnover and prevent darkening!
The skin after applying the mud pack is smooth.
You'll be wanting to touch it for a long time.

Please come and experience it (^^)/