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[Sugaring] has nothing to do with skin color!

Thinking you have dark skin, and you can't help but to get worried about whether to get hair removal?

When it comes to hair removal, the major thing is light irradiation! I think there are many people who think that.

Photo epilation is a mechanism that irradiates a laser that reacts with the melanin pigment of the hair and damages the hair growth tissue by the heat stored in the hair.

In fact, sunburn is caused by melanin pigments, so irradiating sunburned skin with a laser may cause burns.

Some lasers can irradiate sunburned skin, but basically, they cannot irradiate sunburned areas.

With sugaring, the color of the skin doesn't matter at all, so anyone in any country who cares about getting hair removal in Japan can be smooth.

The tanning season is over, but there are days when you can play sports even in winter!

Your skin will be damaged immediately after sunburn, so please come and have a sugar before such an event!