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[Sugaring] on the face has many merits!

What are you guys doing with unwanted hair on your face?
Nowadays, we wear mask, so some people don't care too much!

Unwanted hair on the face not only affects the makeup, but it also affects the penetration of the lotion!

By removing the unwanted hair that hinders you, the penetration of the lotion will be much better ☆

Roughening of the mask may be due to friction or drying

Rubbing by waste hair for a long period of time causes darkening, which also leads to pigmentation.

And that's not the only thing for facial hair removal!

○ Brightening effect
Removes dead skin cells, hair growth, and dirt from pores, reduces dullness and brightens the skin.

○ Lift UP effect
The muscles in the immediate vicinity of the pores are pulled up when tens of thousands of hairs are pulled out, so you can expect a lift-up effect on your face!
By repeating, the muscles will remember it, and it will be firm and the effect will last!

○ Turnover promotion effect
By removing dead skin cells, the disturbed turnover is brought closer to normal.
By combining the moisturizing and lift-up effects, you can expect a more rejuvenating effect!

When the unwanted hair on the face disappears, the hair on the nose is also a concern,

Wax can clean your nose hair!
(Take about 1 cm in front ♪)

Many people say that it doesn't hurt unexpectedly

Let's clean the area around the face with [sugaring] on the face and wax hair removal on the nose!