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Recommended for dry skin in winter! [Sugaring]

The number of cold days are increasing ...
Are you all feeling sick?

When suddenly took off the stockings at this time, you'll be worried about dry skin!

The bristles are tingling when you look closely after a long time because you don't have much chance to be barefoot!

It's a shock

[Sugar ring hair removal] can solve both the dry skin and unwanted hair ☆

The material for sugaring hair removal is organic, which is kind to the skin, but ""sugar"" is used for the sugar paste.

~ The nice effect of sugar ~

1. Moisturizing skin care
2. Moisturizing power
3. Do not spread bacteria
4. Good for firmness and luster of the skin

Hair removal + moisturizing skin!
Perfect for winter dead skin!

Get moisturized and moisturized skin with sugar ring hair removal even in the dry season ♪