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Aftercare after treatment ☆ [Sugaring]

We will explain aftercare once again.

Please do not take a bath on the day after the treatment, just shower.

And basically, please moisturize every day.

Please scrub 4 days after the procedure. Please be sure to moisturize when scrubbing.

Please do not scrub and moisturize 3 days before the day when the next treatment is decided.

By moisturizing and scrubbing from the day of treatment to before the next treatment, pain will be reduced and short hair will be easier to come off ♪

Let's aim for smooth skin without ingrown hair.

Don't know what to use for care products?
Please feel free to contact the staff ☆

Recommended for men who are suffering from having dark spots in beard area [Sugaring]

How do you care for your beard?
Worried about darkening of beard are, shaving causes roughness and can't handle it often, each has its own problems.

Also, if you don't want to lose beard completely! It is also a must-try for those who feels the same. If you continue sugaring, you can make the hair thinner and softer (^^)

It is also recommended for those who are worried about hair quality and amount!

The frequency of self-processing will be significantly reduced ♪

[Introduction of Maris Gina Men's Beard Menu]
● Sugaring beard hair removal 8800 yen
☆ Now, with machine hair removal, real machine hair removal is 0 yen
☆ No prior shaving required
☆ 10% discount for those who are OK with photos for SNS

Please try once!
There is no doubt that you will be amazed at the enormous effect!

Say goodbye to worries such as dark spots, razor cuts, and a lot of hair!

Men's salon!
Click here for Men's Maris Gina Shibuya store ↓ ↓

☆ Men's Maris Gina Shibuya store ☆

16-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Center Building 5F
Brazilian wax hair removal Maris Gina Wax Shibuya

Exfoliate and it is ok not to wear a foundation★ [Sugaring]

The sugar scrub is literally a scrub made of sugar, so the particles are very fine and it has a moisturizing effect, so it is perfect for scrubbing your face ♪

The face is also quite delicate as Bikini which is called the delicate zone.
Therefore, by giving care such as scrubbing and moisturizing to your face, you can get closer to beautiful and healthy skin!

The sugar scrub is so sweet that you don't feel uncomfortable when scrubbing your lips, and you can make your lips plump ☆

The way to scrub is like putting out a sugar scrub about 3 cm on a slightly moistened skin and gently massaging the entire face!

It is even better to wrap around your lips, nose tip, décolletage, etc. (o ^^ o)

Moisturizing after sugar scrubs will significantly change the way your makeup penetrates!
It absorbs well into your skin, so your skin is moisturized ♪

Keeping your skin healthy is not a dream of no foundation!

Let's aim for moist, healthy and beautiful skin together ~ (^^)

Home care after hair removal [Sugaring]

What should I do for home care after Sugaring hair removal? Is often being asked.

It's a shame that you can get rid of your clean skin with the wrong home care or get acne.

Are you picking up the buried air with tweezers or crushing acne?

Bikini is an extremely sensitive and delicate area. Tight or rubbing underwear can cause acne and darkening, and using a moisturizing cream or scrub containing oil after hair removal can cause pore clogging.

At Maris Gina, we recommend oil-free moisturizing care after sugaring.

Especially, since the pores are open for 2 to 3 days immediately after sugaring, it is recommended to take care with a moisturizing cream exclusively for Bikini

If you are looking for an oil-free scrub or moisturizing cream, please contact our staff!

Ingredients and effects of the popular CCme ☆ [Sugaring]

Today, I would like to introduce the most popular aftercare products in Maris Gina.

It alleviates the redness and tingling that often appears.


We will explain the ingredients of CCMe ☆

○ Shea butter
Rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. Shea butter, which is rich in oleic acid, has an excellent moisturizing effect.
It tightly traps water and gives it firmness.
In addition, it is difficult to oxidize and has high penetrating power.

○ Cypress oil
It has an excellent effect of suppressing skin inflammation, healing wounds, and preventing aging.
Also for inflammation such as acne ◎ Regenerates the skin beautifully.
Has antibacterial, deodorant, and blood circulation promoting effects, and is effective in relieving swelling and fatigue.
Headache, menstrual pain, immune strengthening effect.

○ Sunflower seed oil
antioxidant effect. It has the function of suppressing active oxygen generated by ultraviolet rays and the like.
Anti-inflammatory effect. Soothes inflammation of moist skin.
Moisturizing. Softens and moisturizes the skin.

○ Sandalwood oil
The so-called sandalwood that is familiar with perfume. Softens and tightens the skin. By regulating sebum secretion, it is also suitable for moisturizing dry skin and aging skin.
Effective for both oily and dry skin. Sterilization and disinfection. Reduces inflammation and itching.

In addition, it has an aphrodisiac effect and has an effect of attracting the opposite sex.

○ Oleander leaf extract
Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, moisturizing, vasodilation, drainage of excess water, improvement of swelling.

○ Methyl salicylate
Anti-inflammatory analgesic effect and keratin softening effect.

○ Menthol
Effects such as blood circulation promotion, analgesia, and antidepressant. A unique refreshing feeling without cooling the body.

The smell is almost sandalwood!
It has been proven that this scent activates the brain and rejuvenates the brain!

If you are interested, please contact the staff ♪

What is the key to avoiding swelling? [Sugaring]

Many women suffer from swelling of their legs and body, such as desk work and standing work.

If you have swelling, not only will your body be painful, but it may also make you look thicker.

One of the causes of such swelling is said to be loss of muscle mass,
With less muscle in the body, the body is more likely to cause swelling.
Men have more muscle mass than women, which is why they have less swelling.

Furthermore, if the swelling is left as it is, it may cause cellulite.
Let's thoroughly eliminate swelling before it becomes cellulite!

Stretching is said to be the most effective way to eliminate swelling.
Even if you are not good at hard muscle training, I am happy that you can do it immediately during a short break or before going to bed.

Regular soaking in the bath can prevent swelling, but the product brand Alexandria Professional's Mud Puddle (Hungarian mineral-rich mud) used by Maris Gina has a detoxifying effect, so it's even better to put it in the bath. Helps relieve skin and muscle fatigue.

To prevent clogging of the drain when putting it in the bathtub, please use it after completely dissolving the color in the hot water.

By putting Mud Puddle instead of just soaking in the bathtub, it makes it easier to remove swelling! Please try it 

Recommended ☆ Face [Sugaring]

You can do sugaring all over the body!
Especially, facial hair removal is recommended.

Aren't you shaving your face with a razor?

If you shave, those with weak skin will lose to the razor and the skin will become rough!

With sugaring, you don't have to worry about that

At first, you may feel pain, or you may experience redness or lumps due to the histamine reaction.
There are individual differences, but please be assured that it will settle down in about 1 to 2 days
Please refrain from doing hair removal before the event and remove hair with plenty of time.

☆ Benefits of facial hair removal ☆

○ Makeup will improve
○ Makeup is less likely to come off
○ Improves penetration of lotion
○ It becomes difficult for acne and breakouts to occur
○ The pores are tightened
○ The skin feels transparent and glossy

There are many merits such as those mentioned above.
If you haven't done facial hair removal yet, please try it.

Why scrub care is important? [Sugaring]

We ask for moisturizing and scrubbing with sugaring aftercare!

Why do you need scrub care?
This is because sugaring penetrates the pores with sugar paste and removes hair from the roots.

If the pores are not clean, the sugar paste will not enter, causing cut hair and short hair to remain.

Please refrain from scrubbing as it will irritate your skin for 3 days from the day of treatment.

Sugaring immediately after scrubbing may also cause skin tingling and darkening, so please refrain from scrubbing for 3 days after the procedure.

Scrub care will soften your skin, improve your tone, and you will be able to remove short hairs with sugaring ♪ It's all good!

Let's aim for more beautiful skin with scrub care.


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