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What to do with the hair around the eyebrows? [Sugaring]

How do you treat the hair growth around the eyebrows and the hair growth around the eyelids?

Now that half of the face is hidden by the mask, the eyebrows are the point where you have to clean around the eyes.

I think there are many people who shave when they do make up and pull it out when they notice it!

When it has been noticed, you tend to pull out more and more!
When shaved too much, eyebrows may became too thin!
What to do?

Maris Gina [Eyebrow Sugaring] is recommended for such people!

The sugaring will adjust the shape of the eyebrows according to your favorite design!

Eyebrows are an important part in the face,
Since the area around the face is sensitive, it is a very noticeable place such as buried hair due to self-treatment and scratches on the razor.

Around such eyebrows
Let's leave it to a professional and get a beautiful eyebrow!

There is a [sugaring] menu for eyebrows, so please select that and make a reservation ♪

Please note that the facial menu does not include the area around the eyebrows!