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What is the difference between [Sugaring] and Wax? Part 2

Today, I would like to introduce the difference between [Sugaring] and Wax based on the impressions of customers who actually visited the store!

""I used to do waxing. I was worried about sugaring, so I was recommended to it and switched to sugaring for the first time. It's organic, but short hair comes off and it's not as hot as wax. I thought it was amazing! I am very satisfied with the finish! ""

We got a happy customer ♪
Of course, we recommend sugaring hair removal at Maris Gina!

Sugar paste is made from organic sugar, water and lemon juice, and the moisturizing effect of sugar makes the finish moist!
Even people with sensitive skin can remove their hair, so there is no need to worry about getting rough.

In addition, sugaring depilatory sugar is at room temperature!
You don't need to use tweezers because the sugar penetrates the pores and you can pull out the hair from the roots.

Since there is no heat or tweezers irritation, you can remove hair even in delicate areas, so if you do not like waxing, please try Bikini Sugaring!