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What is the difference between [Sugaring] and Wax? Part 1

Those who want to lose their hair quickly by self-treatment or WAX hair removal!

[I want to lose hair only on the spot]
I understand that feeling.

Let's aim for beautiful skin as well as hair removal!
With sugaring, old keratin can be removed and the skin after treatment will be very soft and moisturized.

If you repeat razor and wax, your skin will become damage.

Ingrown hair and darkening, especially shaving, causes great skin damage!

If you do sugaring, please don't do anything until next time!
Please do not self-process.

Be sure to scrub and moisturize your skin as a step toward getting beautiful skin.
The finish is completely different depending on whether you are taking care of it or not!

Would you like to aim for smooth skin together?
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