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「How to avoid blackheads on your nose」

Blackheads on your nose means that your pores are open due to dryness and dirt stuck in your pores.

Excess oil and bacteria are clogging your pores, causing the surface skin to oxidize and darken the skin.

Also, decrease in collagen and muscular strength causes pores and the skin to sag.

It is important to moisture your skin intensely, or else it will lead to excessive secretion of sebum and pores will open

When the skin is dry, skin cells become hard, dark, and pores become thin, making it easier for dirt to become clogged.

When the Stratum corneum's turnover is stalled, the old cells do not come off and causes troubled skin..

Extra caution to those with sensitive skin!

When your skin is lacking hydration, it cannot protect your skin well. Skin pores are clogged with dirt in them.

☆How to avoid blackheads on your nose

Firstly, do not wash your face too much.

If you wash your face too much, the essential oils are washed off, causing the skin to think it needs to produce more oil.

Wash your face gently, move the soap and not your skin.

Do not care for your blackheads too much.

Do not exfoliate the skin too much, or do peelings, because it causes skin cells that are not yet ready to be fall off to be removed. It will lead to producing immature skin.

However, it is good to exfoliate the skin because it allows clogged pores can cause declines in metabolism. Let's stick to exfoliation once a week.

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