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Types of Hair

There are 1~1.5 million hairs growing on your body.
Still, the types of hair growing on your body differ from each area.
Thick, thin, curly, there are many types. Because of the difference, the hair cycle ad pain when you removed it vary for each area. Also, the type of hair are categorized into two parts; Sexual and Asexual hair.
Sexual hairs are hair on your under arms, and VIO areas. Asexual hair are ones that are thinner and grow in one direction on your arms, legs, etc. Asexual hair is easier to remove. Sexual hair tends to be thicker, stubborn and grow in different directions, so it takes money and time to remove it, especially with a laser for complete removal.
To remove such delicate areas' hair by yourself is time consuming and leads to ingrowns.
Maris Gina uses wax that are suitable for each area of your body and hair type.
Leave the work to a professional, and achieve the smooth hair you deserve safely and quickly!