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The Ritz Carlton Hotel Roppongi

If you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo,
Maris Gina recommends you stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Ropongi.
The Ritz Carlton is a beeautiful hotel, at a great location in the centre of Tokyo.
With many facilities in the hotel, Ritz Carlton's spa is a must try experience.
A hot bath that overlooks the city of Tokyo, it truly is a breath taking experience. 
The service is magnificent, we can assure the Ritz Carlton will exceed your Tokyo experience.


Top 5 Best Illuminations in Tokyo

Its the season of beautiful illumination lighting up the city! Christmas decoration will be all around, very soon!
Here are the Top 5 Best Illumination areas to go in Tokyo! Trust us, it's beautiful!

1.) Ebisu Garden Place
16th Anniversary this year, the lights are like a chandelier outside, with a christmas tree, very beautiful.
2.) Roppongi Hills
LED light lit into the theme of "Snow and Blue" for cold colours, and "Candle and Red" for warm colours. Two types of colours to enjoy.
3.) Winter Vista Illumination 
An active illumination, located in  Kokuen Shouwa Kinen Kouen. A labrynth made of illumination light, mini trains, and switches for the light to have your own experience with the lights!
4.) Tokyo Midtown
Like the galaxy, suddenly is in Roppongi. Light covers over 2000square metres of land.
5.) Caretta Shiodome
Over 250,000 lights used to create a fantasy like world. Beautiful for date, and taking pictures.

There's the top 5 best illuminations in Tokyo we MUST check out!
But becareful...
you will be cold right after a wax, make sure to bring a bit jacket! :) 

An Artsy Night Out at The Pink Cow Roppongi

If you're looking for something fun to do one night in Tokyo, check ouy The Pink Cow.
The Pink Cow is a funky restaurant/bar with art, live music, and film.
There seems to be a small event going on at the spot every night, and is always filled with good vibes.
3 minutes from Roppongi, opens from 5pm till late. Affordable drinks, great environment!


A French/Chinese Night in Tokyo

If you want to enjoy a nice French Chinese night out, try
Wakiya/Turandot, located in Akasaka and Yokohama.
They have delicious course lunch and dinners, with beautiful interior and friendly staff.
Additionaly, their take out lunch menu is only 500yen for a filling rice bowl of sides of your choice... and sometimes with soup!
If you're in Akasaka or Yokohama, Wakiya/Turandot is definitely a must go.


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Summer Festivals: Rent Yukatas for Cheap!

Ever worn a yukata before?
Yukatas are a Japanese traditional clothing, that is now worn mainly to summer fireworks festivals.
In Roppongi, there is a store called "Hanagoyomi" where they rent out yukatas for cheap.
From June 1st to August 31st, yukata rentals cost 3980~5400yen.
This includes a yukata and geta (sandals), and they will dress you up since it is quite difficult to do this on your own. 
Yukatas are not something we wear everyday, but definitely a beautiful experience!
Why not rentout before purchasing one, and go to the summer fireworks festivals?


Hanagoyomi Yukata Rental Roppongi

Summer Fireworks Festivals (Natsumatsuri) Schedules

Love Meat? Tokyo's Recommended Restaurants

Do you love meat?
If you're in Tokyo and you are craving MEAT, you're in the right place. Japan is the home of "yakiniku"
where you cook your own meat in front of you. You get your choices of dipping sauce, and other side menus you can choose from.
Out of all the popular yakiniku restaurants, Jojoen is a very famous one with great quality meat.
We recommend you try the one in Roppongi.


Tokyo Tourism: Good Music and Good Food

If you want some live music and food, we recommend Billboard Live Tokyo.
They have well respected artists performing every night, starting from 5:30pm - 11pm.
It is located in Roppongi MidTown, with a beautiful view of the outside, and nice interior.
The soundsystem is good and the food is delicious.
Make your reservations now!

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Tokyo Recommended Bar: Bar Romi

Bar Romi

Enjoy a night at a cozy bar in Akasaka, Bar Romi. 
They have a great liquor selection, with recommended plate of pot-au‐feu.
Friendly staff, very comfortable, home atmosphere, great for ending a long day of sightseeing.
107-0052 Tokyo-to Minatoku Akasaka 6-10-39 Soft Town Akasaka 101