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For tingling skin when using the mask [Sugaring]

I've been wearing a mask for a while (T_T)
Is the area where the mask hits or rubs red, tingling, or peeling?

We highly recommend it to such people.
CCMe cream handled by Maris Gina

Calotropis Procera, an African herb, is used, the leaves are used for asthma.
This is only available in Maris Gina in Japan!

It is effective for soothing reddish skin after treatment, but it is also very effective for skin problems such as acne and reddish face!

CCMe cream is also recommended for areas where itching and acne are likely to occur after treatment.

Of course, you can use it around your face and Bikini.

Since it contains menthol (menthol), it should be avoided near the eyes, but it can be used under the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin!

It has a soothing scent when applied, so it was said that applying it under your nose before going to bed will improve your sleep ♪

Trial size (1 to 2 weeks each) is available for 450 yen + TAX!

If you have rough skin or stuffy nose with a mask, please try using the trial size first. If you are interested, please ask the staff!