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★English-speaking staff is available at SHR&IPL hair removal Salon, Roppongi★IPL Shibuya★IPL Shinjuku★ Counsultation needed ★

Maris Gina Salon services includes waxing treatment and the latest technique of SHR hair removal. The SHR hair removal technique is very gentle to the skin. The laser light does not damage the pores like many other techniques, but rather covers the hair follicle with heat, leaving a painless result. Additionally, the SHR treatment does not depend on the hair cycle, allowing treatment to be done every 3 weeks. *A complete hair removal can be achieved in 6 months earliest. 5 beams of laser light hits the skin per second, and Maris Gina is committed to serve our customers gently and carefully. We always keep in mind the reason why our customers chose us. Maris Gina will keep serving our customers with precise, reasonable, and caring manner that is guaranteed to satisfy you.

*Depending on skin type, hair type and parts being treated. Results are different per customer.