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Hair removal on the part of the face! [Sugaring]

With Maris Gina, you can remove hair from the face and the whole body!
Facial hair is where it is hard to feel the effect of photo-epilation.

With [Sugaring], you will have a smooth finish from the same day.

Sugar paste will be applied in the hair root, then it will wrap the hair root and pull out the hair!

It is possible to remove hair from the entire face, but each person has their own concerns.

[Sugaring] and photo-epilation are possible with just a part of the lips, cheeks, chin, etc. ♪

The face tends to be reddish and becomes sensitive after the procedure. Please remove the mask as soon as you get home.

Upper Lips 2350 yen
Eyebrows 4400 yen
Cheeks 3870 yen

All prices are for women Sugaring only.
Also, the amount may vary depending on the store and coupon, so if you are interested, please see the menu of each store.