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Hair removal on the Armpits! [Sugaring]

We recommend the Armpits sugaring + mud pack coupon set!

Armpit hair grows even if you shave or pull it out.
Besides, there are many people who are worried about the darkening of the pores and the darkening of the skin.

Unlike Wax, sugaring hair removal is different from Wax in that the hair is turned upside down and the sugar paste penetrates into the pores, so it also cleans the pores ☆

Sugar paste is made from organic ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice.
It is a gentle hair removal method that even people with weak skin and atopic skin can receive the treatment without worries!

We would like to recommend the armpits mud pack after sugaring!

Maris Gina's mud pack is from Hungary and is rich in minerals and collagen.

I would like you to use it for those who want to brighten up their skin, from buried hair, acne, inflammation after hair removal ☆

It absorbs dirt from the pores and has a bactericidal effect, so it is also effective against acne bacteria lurking in the pores!

It also helps to brighten your skin! Of course, it can be used on the face and whole body ♪

It's especially dry season now, so it's highly recommended to moisturize with a mud pack after hair removal!

Let's aim for flawless and smooth skin with sugaring hair removal and mud pack for the summer and make the skin beautiful without unwanted hair.