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Exfoliate and it is ok not to wear a foundation★ [Sugaring]

The sugar scrub is literally a scrub made of sugar, so the particles are very fine and it has a moisturizing effect, so it is perfect for scrubbing your face ♪

The face is also quite delicate as Bikini which is called the delicate zone.
Therefore, by giving care such as scrubbing and moisturizing to your face, you can get closer to beautiful and healthy skin!

The sugar scrub is so sweet that you don't feel uncomfortable when scrubbing your lips, and you can make your lips plump ☆

The way to scrub is like putting out a sugar scrub about 3 cm on a slightly moistened skin and gently massaging the entire face!

It is even better to wrap around your lips, nose tip, décolletage, etc. (o ^^ o)

Moisturizing after sugar scrubs will significantly change the way your makeup penetrates!
It absorbs well into your skin, so your skin is moisturized ♪

Keeping your skin healthy is not a dream of no foundation!

Let's aim for moist, healthy and beautiful skin together ~ (^^)