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About pain during hair removal [Sugaring]

For customers who have tried Bikini for the first time, there may be some people who can't make a reservation because they think ""It was painful"", ""Everyone can put up with it well"", ""I want to be refreshed, but can I put up with the pain?""

This time, I would like to introduce the voices of repeat customers, hoping that it will be helpful for such customers.

○ It was the second time, but it didn't hurt at all compared to the first time. Thank you for cleaning it.

○ This was the second treatment, but it was still a reassuring response. I will come again.

○ This is the third time, but the hair that grows is quite thin and there is almost no pain. Smooth and comfortable! See you next time!

○ After going through several times, the pain disappeared so much.

○ It was the third time, but it ended in a blink of an eye with almost no pain. The hair quality has changed little by little and I'm looking forward to the future.

○ It was the second time. Compared to the last time, there was almost no pain and it became smooth. I would like to continue.

How it happened?
The second time should be less painful than the first time ♪

And the important points are visiting the store in 3 to 4 weeks and home care by scrubbing!

If the sugaring has long hair, it will be pulled and you will feel pain easily.

Also, without scrub care, your skin will become stiff and your pores will become clogged, making it difficult for your hair to come off, which will significantly change your sense of pain.

If you are worried about pain, please make an early reservation and scrub and do home care ☆