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Why can you get ingrown hair? [Sugaring]

Ever wonder why you have buried hair?
The reason is self-processing!

I suppose there are many people who have shaved it with shaver or pulled it out with tweezers.

Shaving and tweezers will damage the pores and skin.

To repair the damage quickly, the turnover cannot be done properly and the skin regenerates and becomes thicker or harder.

This will cause hair to be less likely to come out of the pores and cause inflammation.

Also, if the hair grows back in the skin, it will become an ingrown hair.

We suppose there are many people who have that idea.

Ingrown hair becomes a habit when you can do it once, and it will grow many times in the same place.

We do not like skin with buried hair.
If we don't self-process, it will improve a little!

Let's stop self-treatment and aim for beautiful skin

For hair removal, Maris Gina sugaring is recommended!
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