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What is in your product and on your skin?

Researching your sugaring product!!
Sugaring is quickly becoming the first choice for hair removal. Everywhere that provides sugaring services tells you of all the benefits, and we are so happy that people are starting to notice. But what consumers need to be aware of is the quality of the product. Sugar that is not made in a sterile, professional area will not be as effective or safe as products that are made in a controlled environment. It is easy to youtube "how to make sugar", and a lot of people who claim to be professionals do make their own. However, because we don't know where their sugar is being manufactured, or who they are trained by, could mean your service will not have the amazing benefits sugaring has to offer. If the sugar is made in a "home" setting, it may not exfoliate as well, it can cause more ingrown hair as it may not be able to seep into the skin as well as a professional product. Also, if the techniques is not done properly, the sugaring experience can be painful and ineffective. So, remember, do your research on all products and services you are using and spending money on. Your body will thank you!