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What is 【Sugaring】hair removal?

What is 【Sugaring】hair removal?

Today we will address the question that we receive the most from our customers (^ _ ^) /
"What is 【Sugaring】hair removal and why is it recommended?"

1. What is waxing in the first place?

"Waxing is a method to remove unwanted hair by sticking wax onto the hair and pulling out from the hair root. ('ω')
We can process any hair types from downy hair to thick hair!!

Wax removal is better than shaving because it is pulled out from the root of the hair
Also, you can keep your skin smooth for a long time (^ o ^) *
There is no shaved remains, so it looks beautiful ☆
In this way, wax hair removal is different from light hair removal and laser hair removal,
The feature is that you will get smooth skin on the day you visit ♪

2. What is sugaring wax?

sugaring hair removal technique and normal Brazilian wax have different ingredients and method.
The main ingredients in sugaring are hair removal, sugar, lemon and water
Sugaring wax is used (^ o ^)

In addition, to perform treatment using the wax,
There is a slightly different tip in technique compared to normal Brazilian wax!

Maris Gina has adopted the method right after it entered Japan.
Hence at Maris Gina, all the staff are well versed with the method
And customers can be assured about patronizing our store (^ O ^) /

3. What is great about Sugaring??

Because there are many desirable features different from ordinary waxing such as
■ Not hot!
■ Less harm to skin!
■ Ability to remove short hair!
There are many charm points. ♪
In particular, those who want to remove hair neatly while protecting beautiful skin,
Recommended for those who want to have VIO/facial hair removal ☆

We look forward to your visit (* 'ω' *)