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What are the measures for dry skin in winter? 【Sugaring】

It has become winter.
It is the time to worry about drying!!
Dryness is a great enemy to your skin!

Do you conscientiously do skin care?
Causes for drying
・ Insufficient hydration
・ Lack of sleep
・ Disordered lifestyle
And etc.

Ill-maintained skin turnover due to insufficient sleep and lack of moisture, leads to dry skin
There are many causes in daily lifestyle that cause dry skin, such as over washing the face,

If turnover is not returned to the norm,
Old keratin is not discharged from the skin and accumulates.
Lotion does not penetrate!
In addition, spots and the like become noticeable.

Use gommage and peeling regularly to provide sufficient hydration for your skin! ! !

If your skin is moisturized, it will be better than makeup and your skin will tone up.(^-^)

When it comes to drying, it is relevant to your whole body, not just your face! !

And dry skin also affects sugaring.

If your skin is dry, the sugar paste will not get into the pores properly, and it may cause hair breakage etc.(; ;)

Let's prevent dry skin and aim for beautiful skin!(^ ^)