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What are the benefits of VIO hair removal? [Sugaring]

What are the benefits of VIO hair removal? [Sugaring]

◯ Surely, the best advantage is this!
Keep your delicate zone clean by VIO hair removal!
Comfort during menstruation, no worries of odor ♪

* By the way, napkins should be changed frequently, and if it is light bleeding, you should not use night napkins, It can worsen ventilation

◯Scratching or treating with a razor many times will roughen the skin and reduce the moisture content of the skin.
Doing so also causes pigmentation and darkens the delicate zone.

[How is the treatment like?]

Is what some of you are worried about.

The posture are as follows: V is upright, I is laying down each leg to the exterior, O is in a sideways position!

If it is your first time, there is some embarrassment, but everyone says that the embarrassment is blown away by pain ( ̄ ▽  ̄) lol

There is certainly pain, but as it progresses, the layers get thinner, reducing the pain ♪

Before the upcoming events or the New Year's holiday, let's remove hair through sugaring ♪

Sugaring is made only of sugar, lemon juice and water
You can remove hair while taking care of your skin (o ^^ o)

Reservations on the day are also welcome!
We look forward to your reservation ♪