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We consults every customer and offers the best treatment that is suitable to your hair and skin type.

It has been 5years since I started this career, but everybody's hair type and growth is different!

When you use softwax, or a shaver and take care of your bikini zone by yourself, the skin dries which causes rashes and ingrowns.
Ingrowns can cause inflammation and become folliculitis.
Every salon offers different hair removal procedures and wax, and it may not match your skin type.
Safe, proper hair removal is crucial to beautiful results, otherwise it will only damage your skin.
Maris Gina consults every customer and offers the best treatment that is suitable to your hair and skin type.
You can relax while you receive the proper service you need♪

If you have never been satisfied with Brazilian waxing and the results, Maris Gina really recommends you to try our new Sugaring treatment.
Sugaring only consists of natural ingredients, and the powder applied to the skin is 99.9% aluminium free, with no worries of causing cancer.
It is safe for people with sensitive skin, or pregnant.
The sugaring paste we use at Maris Gina is completely organic, and water soluble, allowing it to easily be wiped off the skin.
Also, the disinfectant used is like medicine, being safe on all skin types.
The procedure is safe on delicate areas.
Brazilian wax has many types, and some can cause allergic reactions to the skin.
Also, wax is an oil, so more oil is needed in order to be cleaned off the skin.
This can cause clogs in the pores, resulting in acne.
Sugaring does not peel off the important skin cells, maintaining soft skin.
New hair can grow beautifully from the skin and it can prevent ingrown hair.
With waxing, you will need more than 1cm of hair growth in order to be removed.
With sugaring, you can receive treatment in a very short period of time, causing the hair to grow thinner and thinner, very quickly.
Because there is no damage to the skin cells, treatment can be repeated quickly, and in less pain.
Sugaring is still not so well known in Japan, however we have tried sugaring and we are amazed with the results.
We want you all to try sugaring out!