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Types of Hair Removal 

Types of Hair Removal

I began removing my hair... but recently there are so many different ways. It is hard to know which one is a good treatment with good results.

We are going to summarize the types of hair removal.

1、Pluck☆ plucking using a tweezer is a temporary form of hair removal
           Some people say their hair do not grow back for 2-3weeks.
2、Hair removal cream☆
                                Easy to use, also a temporary form of hair removal
                           Lasts longer than shaving, lasts about 3 weeks

3、Wax ☆Temporary hair removal. Lasts about 2-3weeks.
          Can remove a wider capacity of hair than with plucking. A faster form of hair removal.

4、Home laser removal☆Using a light to periodically permanently remove hair.
           The heat of the light destroys the roots if the hair leading to hair removal.          
                                   The power of the removal depends on the type of machine and light.

5、Needle☆Needle hair removal leads to permanent hair removal.
                                    This method is the most certain treatment that leads to permanent removal.
                    Very painful and expensive, but most effective.

6、Laser hair removal☆ Laser hair removal leads to permanent hair removal.
                                     The second most effective form of permanent hair removal.

7、Light Depiliation ☆Leads to permanent hair removal after needles and lasers.
                   Faster treatment than laser, and less painful.

We have just analyzed 7 types of hair removals.
All have the merits and demerits, so try to pick the one that's best for you!

Maris Gina offers waxing, sugaring, and SHR hair removals.
You can pick and choose the type of removal depending on the area!

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