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What is Sugaring?

"I was looking for waxing hair removal, I arrived at Sugaring"
"I don't know Sugaring, but it seems to be better than wax"
What is often said about [Sugar ring hair removal]!
Today is a story about [Sugar Ring Hair Removal] ☆
"Sugaring" originates at ancient Egypt,
It is a hair removal method with the oldest history in the world.
Sugaring was used by Cleopatra,
There is a long history and quality.
The big difference with wax hair removal is ...
● It is gentle on your skin, you can apply and remove it many times
● Short hair can be removed (depending on skin condition)
● It is not hot
● Hair reduction effect
From customers who have experience with waxing ...
◎ Unlike wax, I'm satisfied because it gave me short hair.
The atmosphere of the salon was nice and clean.
◎ It was good and less painful than wax.
I would like to go regularly
◎ We did sugaring for the first time.
There was no heat and there was almost no pain.